Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 26: More Stuff I Mostly Made For Myself That Maybe You Will Like, Too

Hello! Today, I was going to wait until later to do a blog post, but then I got bored while I was sorting colored rubber bands into different compartments of a box, so I'm doing it now! Yesterday's post of patterns was pretty big, so today I'm just posting some Robotech stuff. I used to feel bad when I did this, but now that I have been told that some of you guys reading this blog also like Robotech, it seems okay. Today I have three characters from the second season, though, the Southern Cross stuff, so I may have just erased all of your goodwill! I have quite a few of them ready to go, but for today, I'm posting Marie and Nova, since I posted Dana about a year ago and want to finish off the patterns of the military captain girls (I'm not sure if that's their actual rank, but it gets the point across), and then one of Musica, because she has an 80s anime big head sprite pattern, and I'm proud of it. I posted six Doctor Who patterns yesterday, though, so these things happen.

I'm done with posting now, but I'll have more patterns for you guys tomorrow! I'm not sure if it'll be more or less exciting than this, but the cross stitch patterns will, indeed, be on the internet and ready to stitch. Have a lovely day!

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  1. Yay more Robotech! I'm glad to see you're continuing to expand your collection of these patterns. Also, thanks for stopping by my journal this month and commenting... though I just now saw them ^_^;;;