Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 28: Some Characters From Aveyond

Hello! It's day 28 of Sprite Patterns December, so it's getting really close to the end of the month! For myself, I keep making patterns of characters from anime about pop stars, and am working on a giant, brightly colored, sparkly cross stitch from AKB0048 (I know that it's stupid, but it's about idol singers fighting an anti-pop music government in outer space, so I don't care) that I might show a WIP of here before the month is over. I hadn't been posting many WIP photos on here because I thought that my current computer had no SD card slot, but it turned out that I was an idiot and it did have one, right in front, so I can do that again!

Regardless of all of that, though, I wanted to use tonight's post for some requested patterns! Towards the start of the month, I got some requests for characters from an RPG called Aveyond. I don't have all of the requested characters done yet, because I am slow, but for tonight, I do have patterns of Mel, Edward, and Stella. I haven't played any of the Aveyond games before, and had a bit of trouble finding production art for them, so these patterns were made from a combination of their in-game sprites and character portraits. With Mel, I was lucky enough to find a title screen, so her outfit should be pretty accurate. For Edward and Stella, though, I ended up looking at little sprites and trying to decide a lot of details for myself, so they might be a bit weird for fans of the games. I like these quite a bit, though. Mel uses a color scheme that isn't very common for characters from anything, and Stella's long hair and fluffy dress are cute. Plus, I don't make suits of armor often, so Edward was cool to make, too. All of them should be pretty normal to stitch or use for perler beading, so here are tonight's patterns!

I am done for tonight, and not quite sure what I'll post tomorrow, but I'll do my best to post something cool! Until then, have a good day and good luck with your crafting stuff!

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  1. Thank you so much!!! These are perfect!!!