Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 29: Even More Pokemon Stuff

Hello! Today, I wasn't sure what I was going to post, but I wanted to make some new Pokemon sprite patterns, so those are what I have for you guys! I felt like I did pretty well with the Pokemon who were pretty much built like people, so I wanted to try making a couple of them that didn't at all fit my template. I ended up making these patterns from scratch, but in the end, I think that they fit the other sprite patterns very well! Plus, if you've stitched a trainer, it could be cool to stitch a Pokemon for them, too. The only problem is that so far, your only options are the Pokemon that I've already posted and, from today's post, Bellsprout, which I chose because it is great, and Fennekin, which I chose because I picked it as my starter in X and Y. I plan to make more of these, so if you have a favorite Pokemon that you'd like to see me screw up, let me know! For now, here are today's two very quick to stitch charts.

For tonight, I have nothing more to post! I'm going to do more stitching and continue watching the marathon of all of the episodes of Breaking Bad and post again tomorrow. Until then, have a nice evening!

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