Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 3: The Majority of a Requested Set of Evangelion Patterns

Hello! One of my goals for today was to get today's blog post done before anything good is on TV, which, seeing as I have over an hour to do that, seems like it will be met. My post for today isn't going to be as long as yesterday's, since I've spent most of the day putting together a not-that-exciting presentation for my class on teaching writing classes, making my brain kind of fried. To compensate for that, I decided that, since I got kind of set on posting patterns that were somehow related to giant robot stuff for today, I would post the rest of the requested patterns of characters from Neon Genesis Evangelion. That way, I will be posting patterns that people actually want while typing a lot less than I would if I were posting the patterns from Pacific Rim or Robotech, or a set that I'm working on from a newer, but incredible shallow and girly, anime that has giant robots. You guys are by no means safe from any of those pattern sets for the rest of the month, but for today, I decided against them.

Anyway, I am pretty sure that I have watched most of Evangelion, but other than the thing where Shinji keeps answering the phone and people say they hate him, and Misato's having a penguin in her fridge, I really don't remember it very well. No one was ever very happy on there, and I never saw the middle part where you found out if that weird American blonde kid was evil or not (note: this may actually have been on another show that I don't remember very well), so it is all kind of fuzzy to me. I really enjoyed making these patterns, though, because even if I don't remember the show that well, I remember Rei and Asuka being on the back of piles of anime magazines and the front pages of tons of anime fan sites. I really like how both of those patterns came out, and if you want Shinji to match them, I posted him a couple of months ago. You can find him by clicking on the "evangelion" tag, which will not be capitalized because I am lazy about tagging posts.

As I was going through my "still to post" folder to upload those, I found a pattern of Misato, too. I remember making this, but had totally forgotten about it until I saw it today. Enjoy the extra pattern!
These patterns are all that I have for today, but I'll be back tomorrow with more patterns and a new post! Until then, have a nice day!

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