Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 4: Gotcha Force!

Hello! I am not in my most charitable mood right now. Last night, I was really panicking about finishing a paper and getting ready for a presentation that I have to give tonight, and once I was finally done, I was subjected to listening to a cell phone screaming match that lasted until after midnight, followed by some lovely television played at a very loud volume until about 9 am. I feel okay about bringing this up on here because I feel like you guys should know why I am using today's Sprite Patterns December post for patterns from a very obscure Game Cube game and because I am not being very detailed or specific. I think that they're really cool patterns, though, so hopefully, that makes up for it!

A few months ago, I thought that it would be cool to make sprite patterns for every robot from Gotcha Force, a Game Cube game from Capcom about collecting and battling tiny robots. It wasn't very popular at all, but I used to play it quite a bit and my brother still does. The biggest problem with my plan was that there are 206 robots to collect in the game and most of them are very difficult to make. It is fun to try and make little patterns of some of the more complicated robots, though, and I'm still working on them. I just am not sure that, since a couple of the ones that I have finished took me several hours to figure out, I will finish the full set. For today, however, I have the three Gotcha Borgs that I've gotten finished and put into cross stitch charts! Issac and G-Red are pretty different from most of my sprite patterns, while Nao, the nurse borg, is not that far off from the norm, but if you like these, I still have more of them to chart. I hope that someone else out there has played the game enough to at least recognize these characters!

I am done posting for today, and after this, I will be sure to post patterns of something that more of you guys have heard of for tomorrow! Until then, however, I hope that you have a nice day and are able to sleep well!


  1. A nurse borg, what a concept :). The red one reminds me of Ultraman so I may have to try that. Hope your presentation goes well.

    1. Thank you! My presentation did go pretty well, I was glad!

      I never thought of G-Red as looking like Ultraman, but I can see it! With that, though, all I can think of is how cute the orange Science Patrol uniforms would look as sprite patterns! The guys all have the same haircut, so it would be a bit of a boring set, but I could at least make Akiko.

  2. I'll admit I do not know this game - but if you do eventually make all 206, my obsessive-compulsive bit will insist that all of them are stitched!