Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 5: FFVIII's Seifer and Sorceress Edea

Hello! My post here for tonight is going to be really short, but after getting six or seven requests for the pattern over a period of a year or two, I finally made a sprite pattern of Seifer from Final Fantasy VIII, so hopefully, that makes up for it! I also made a needlessly elaborate pattern of Sorceress Edea, from the same game, which, despite the fact that no one asked for it, ended up being really, really cool. It seems like a good excuse to use gold glitter floss, and I got to add some backstitching for her eyeliner, so I think that it ended up being fairly impressive. For all of you who wanted Seifer's pattern, though, I hope that tonight's post is not a disappointment! (In the preview image, his shirt and ridiculous coat collar blend together a bit too much, but I don't think that will happen when he is actually stitched or beaded.)

I did not have a very good day, and I have to get up early tomorrow, so I am done for today! Tomorrow, I do not know what I'll post, but I will have something. Until then, however, I hope that all of you guys are doing well and have a nice Friday!


  1. Yay I was so happy to see this on my feed tonight, I hope you have a better day tomorrow, but for now I may have to put my current stitch down and get some more fabric!!!

  2. Seifer!!! Whoo Hooooo!
    I like the Sorceress, too - that headdress thingie is going to be fun!