Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 7: Two Requested Patterns That Are Probably From Either He-Man or She-Ra

Hello! So far today, I haven't worked on patterns at all, so I didn't really know what patterns I was going to post for today before I actually hit the "new post" button. I dug through my folder of sprite patterns, though, and came upon two patterns I did as requests over the summer, when I first got this computer. The biggest problem with them is that I do not remember who requested them or what, exactly, they are from. The two characters are named Catra and Evil-Lyn, and I know that either one of them is from He-Man and the other is from She-Ra, or both of them are from one of the two cartoons. If I remember right, the one with the cat ears is from She-Ra, and the other one is from He-Man, but I could very well be wrong. For now, I will tag this post with both and hope that it is somewhat accurate. I am sure that one of you is ready to correct me in the comments section as you read this, but until then, to whichever of you out there requested these patterns, I hope you like them! Despite my lack of knowledge as to the source material, they were fun to make, and as far as sprite patterns go, it's always fun to get requests that involve giant hair and capes.

After that paragraph of stunning insight, I am finished for today, but will be back with more sprite patterns tomorrow. Hopefully, tomorrow, I will actually know what I am posting!

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  1. I think you are right about which show they are from - I will probably go look it up, though - can't quite remember! Would it be hard to do Skeletor?