Thursday, January 2, 2014

My First Finished Cross Stitch of 2014

Hello! A couple of days ago, I posted a WIP photo of a plastic canvas cross stitch I was working on, featuring a silhouette of an idol singer from AKB0048, an anime about a wildly misguided futuristic government that's being overthrown by a girl group that doesn't actually seem to be all that good. I thought then that I'd be able to finish the project within a couple of days, and, thanks in part to a Breaking Bad marathon on AMC, I actually did it! The photo that I took for this post, by my standards, at least, isn't even that bad.

I made the pattern for this project and cross stitched it onto two sheets of 7 count plastic canvas with glittery yarn, which doesn't really show up in this picture. After I finished stitching her, which I started in October, and cut her out, I used some silver yarn on the edges, so she'd be a little less flimsy, which seemed to work. The project ended up being about 22 inches tall, which was bigger than some confusingly bad math I'd done had led me to believe it would be, but that was actually pretty cool. Anyway, here is a slightly fuzzy photo of the finished project!
If any of you guys want the pattern for this project, let me know in the comments and I will post it! It was cool to make such a big project without completely ruining it, so I might do another giant plastic canvas thing.

This is the only thing I have to post today, but I will have some new patterns soon. Until then, I hope that you guys are starting your new year off well and having good luck with your crafting stuff!


  1. love this..will you share patten with me...thanks

    1. Yeah, no problem! I might just post it here in a few days, but if you want it sooner than that, I could e-mail it or send it through Google+ or something.

  2. It's adorable- I would like the pattern if you're posting it?