Friday, January 17, 2014

Sprite Patterns of the 2014 Academy Award Nominees for Best Supporting Actress

Hello! Just as I did last year, I am making sprite patterns for every acting nominee at this year's Academy Awards! I've gotten an earlier start on the project this year, since the nominations just came out yesterday, so this time, I'm hoping to actually finish stitching all of them either before or during the actual airing of the Academy Awards, instead of a couple of days afterwards. Even if I don't finish on time, though, this was a fun project last year, so it should be cool again.

For today's post, I have the five nominees for Best Supporting Actress. I had a few of these done ahead of time, since I was using an Entertainment Weekly article about award season predictions to try and get ahead with this project, and luckily, all of the actresses that I made patterns for actually got nominations! None of these patterns should be too hard to stitch or perler bead, though, as the case will be again when I post the Best Actress patterns, Jennifer Lawrence's complicated American Hustle hairstyle makes her a bit taller than the rest of the patterns. Also, as is again the case with Jennifer Lawrence, if an actor or actress was also nominated last year, which is true of three of this year's nominees, I kept the same skin and eye floss colors for their patterns. I'm not sure that this is important to anyone other than myself, but I wanted to make sure that was the case.

Anyway, in alphabetical order, today's patterns of the nominees for Best Supporting Actress feature Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmine), Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle), Lupita Nyong'o (12 Years a Slave), Julia Roberts (August: Osage County), and June Squibb (Nebraska). All of the patterns were made of the roles for which the actresses were nominated, so it was not some sort of weird oversight that the pattern of June Squibb ended up being in black and white. I do like making black and white sprite patterns, though, so that wouldn't be so bad.

Before I quit blogging today, I want to post a couple of fuzzy photos of projects I'm working on! First of all, here is a photo of my plastic canvas cassette tape, which I'm stitching from a pattern in Jacqui Pearce's book, Big Stitch Cross Stitch. I'm actually almost done with this, so I'll be starting to stitch these Academy Award nominee patterns after the project is over. Now that I'm done with the stripes for the background, it seems to be going a lot more quickly.
I am also trying to make a circular rug out of the tiny rubber bands that they're selling for people to use in making bracelets. When I started this, I thought that it was probably a bad idea, but it's actually working out really well! Right now, it's about 11 and a half inches in diameter, so it's about the same size as a piece of printer paper. I want it to be quite a bit bigger, though, so it could take forever.
With that, I am done posting for tonight, but I should be back either tomorrow or Sunday with patterns of the nominees for Best Supporting Actor. Until then, have a nice start to your weekend and good luck with whatever crafts you're trying to do!


  1. Hi there,

    What are the terms of use of the patterns posted on your blog?

    They're fantastic!


    1. Hello! (It's taken me forever to get the reply button to work!) Basically, I do not want people to sell these, and to use a link back to this blog if you repost them somewhere, but if you have more specific questions, you can contact me at allisonpbates(at) . I hope that answers some of your question, at least, and if it didn't, I check my e-mail way too often and should be able to get back to you quickly.