Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sprite Patterns of the 2014 Academy Award Nominees for Best Supporting Actor

Hello! It's been a while since I last posted, because of technical problems and tons of homework, but today, I finally have the sprite patterns for the 2014 Academy Award nominees for Best Supporting Actor and am ready to post them! I'm feeling slightly woozy today, so this post isn't going to be very long, but I am happy with these patterns, despite the fact that trying to get the hair right from American Hustle might be the most difficult task I have ever tried to accomplish with any of my sprite patterns. (Actually, one of the nominees for Best Actress was really difficult, too, but that's going to be in my next post.) I don't know if anyone other than myself is going to stitch or perler bead these patterns, but if you do want to, I hope you like them! In alphabetical order, here are the tiny cross stitch patterns of the 2014 nominees for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, with the patterns depicting the roles for which they were nominated.
Barkhad Abdi, for Captain Phillips
Bradley Cooper, for American Hustle (The colors in the preview image for this are slightly inaccurate, so while it won't be perfect, the hair and facial hair will be a little better when it's actually stitched.)
Michael Fassbender, for 12 Years a Slave
Jonah Hill (you know, from Moneyball), for The Wolf of Wall Street
Jared Leto, for Dallas Buyers Club (This preview image has some problems, too, but unless you're going to get really upset when you stitch this and the purple shoes are a little brighter, it shouldn't be a problem.)

I had to go back and count my patterns to make sure that I had everything here, but since I came out with five sprite patterns posted, I think that I am doing okay! I am done here for now, but I hope to be back soon with sprite patterns of the nominees for Best Actress. Until then, have a nice weekend and good luck with your crafts and stuff!


  1. You know, this is supporting "actor". That sprite for Jared Leto looks like a chick.

  2. Jared played a transvestite in that film. I will get round to stitching a couple of these as well as the rest of the patterns I have :P

  3. Whatttt? I was totally not aware of that! I feel so ashamed.

  4. I only know because I love his band and on their facebook he posted a couple of photos of his transition as he had to lose weight for the role.