Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Giant Patterns of Fluffy Bunny-Eared Anime Mascots with Varying Degrees of Indifference Toward the Value of Life

Hello! As I am typing this post, I do not know if it will make it to the internet or not. It is really nasty outside, as the town where I am going to school is in the middle of a windy snowstorm where we may get nine inches of snow and, for some reason, next to my apartment, there is ice underneath that snow. As no one can currently go outside or wander around and do anything, the internet is incredibly slow. Even if it was kind of funny that I went to Bing and the logo wouldn't load, it also sucks. Because of that, it seemed like a good time for a blog post. Even if it doesn't work right now, I can always copy and paste it to a word file and try to upload it later, in which case this ranting won't make much sense.

I have had a crapload of homework so far this semester, so I do not have the Academy Award nominees for Best Actress finished. I'm hoping to have them sometime this weekend, but for now, they are not finished and trying to conduct an image search to work on them seems like it could be counterproductive. I do, however, have two portrait patterns of anime mascot characters, one from a 90s show and one from a fairly recent one.

Because I like Tenchi Muyo better than the other show I'm about to start typing nonsense about, I'm posting my pattern of Ryo-Ohki first! I made this pattern right after I made the one of Luna, from Sailor Moon that I posted a while ago and was momentarily surprised that making a pattern of a character from a show that cost money to animate (the image I used was from the OAVs, so I guess it would have been easier to go Tenchi in Tokyo) would be so much more difficult than the last one I'd finished. It was worth it, though, because of all of the characters that I've made cross stitch patterns of while working on this blog, Ryo-Ohki is the only one that is both a cat and a rabbit, and is the only one that can turn into a spaceship. Plus, she's really cute, too, which is important in a mascot character. Just look how happy and fluffy she is! For this project, I'd recommend that you stick to the suggested floss colors, since there is more detail here than with my sprite patterns, but I think that it could be worth it. As with the other mascot character patterns, I plan to make this at some point, but I hope you guys like it, too!
In this next paragraph, I'm going to spoil some of an anime that is about 20 years old, and another one that I think is two years old, but am too impatient to google, and hint at the way some other shows go, so you are forewarned.

My next pattern for tonight is of Kyuubey from Madoka Magica, a show that I watched with people that were a lot more into it than I was. I do understand that it was weird and depressing, but a lot of magical girl shows are, like when they finally reach the queen in Magic Knight Rayearth, and she's like, "Hey, ladies! I'm the bad guy! You should make me dead," or the last chunk of Princess Tutu, which horrified me at an anime club (which I guess is just what happens when you let the guy who wrote a bunch of Hellsing and The Big O write the end of a show about a magical duck that can turn into a ballerina), or that thing where all these girls put squids on their heads and rollerbladed around their school and put stuff in cages and cried. I don't remember what that one was called, or if the girls in it were magical, but they did have to do a lot of stuff that displeased them while having incredibly round heads and maybe wearing T-shirts.

Anyway, what was impressive about Madoka Magica was when they dragged Joan of Arc and Cleopatra into it, which I don't think is much of a spoiler, because even if you know that ahead of time, it's still bizarre, and the fact that the mascot character, the aforementioned Kyubey, didn't really care what characters got killed off or why. I know that it is horrible, but when they had him sitting there, all cute and being a bunny, and explaining why they didn't matter, all I could think was that, in Sailor Moon land, there had to have been times when Sailor Moon went, "I am gonna eat nine bowls of ice cream and talk about boys and then try on shoes!" where that sort of thinking would not have been out of place. I was promptly called a heartless monster, but sometimes, this needs to be brought up.

Plus, Kyubey would make a good plastic canvas project.

I hope that, even if you didn't appreciate my endless typing as the wind blows something making a crunchy sound against my window, you like the pattern!
I'm done posting for tonight, but if tomorrow is even half as exciting as tonight is, I may post something again tomorrow! Until then, have a nice evening, and if you are also in this horrible weather, stay warm!


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    1. I'm really glad! I know that Tenchi used to be really popular, but now, I don't know that many people who have actually seen it, so I'm glad you like the pattern well enough to make it! Are you going to post photos if you do?

  2. I love the patterns of your cross stitch and was wondering if you could do some of the Kuroko no Basket? I would love the patterns of the generation of miracles and his manager.

    1. Thank you for the comment! I don't watch much sports anime, so I had to look it up, but I haven't done a pattern set of guys with such detailed hair for a long time, so it should be fun! Do you have a pattern size preference? By default, I thought sprite patterns, but if you want portrait style patterns, let me know the order in which you want the characters, because I am slow at those!