Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sprite Patterns of the 2014 Academy Award Nominees for Best Actress

Hello! I finally finished the sprites for my 2014 Academy Award best actress nominee patterns, which weren't finished as quickly as I would have liked them to be. I ended up being pretty happy with most of them, too, even though there were a couple of actresses that were difficult to get to look distinct at all. However, I was much happier with these patterns several hours ago, which was before my cross stitch charting software read the Judi Dench sprite's hair as bright green and seemed to uninstall itself. As far as problems to have go, that seems to be a pretty interesting one, but it has made charting these patterns more tedious than it should have been. I am finally done, though, and ready to post the nominees for Best Actress! I should post these in alphabetical order, but since I spent a really long time on Sandra Bullock's astronaut suit, she gets to jump the line so that she can be this post's thumbnail image. If I spend that long on a pattern, everyone has to look at it. After that, however, the other nominees are in alphabetical order.
Sandra Bullock, for Gravity

Amy Adams, for American Hustle (This is the first time I've tried to do aviator sunglasses, and I think that it worked pretty well!)

Cate Blanchett, for Blue Jasmine

Judi Dench, for Philomena

Meryl Streep, for August Osage County (I don't hate this preview image, but when she is actually stitched, the difference between the two colors in her hair will not be quite that extreme.)

Right now, I am hungry and I feel like I spelled all of the actresses' names incorrectly, so I should quit blogging. Before I go, however, I want to post a photo of a plastic canvas Pokemon that I started stitching after feeling all inspired by TwitchTV Plays Pokemon. I'm not very far yet, so I feel like it's slightly cool and mysterious to make you guys wait and see what Pokemon this is, though I'm sure that a few of you will already know just from this. (If you do, comment and tell me! It would be cool.) I'm hoping to get a lot more of this done while I sit around tonight and watch House of Cards until my eyeballs fall out, though, so the next WIP photo will be much clearer.

With that, I am done for today, so I am going to go cook some sort of weird food with noodles in it. Before next Sunday, I'll have the sprite patterns of the nominees for Best Actor, which I already have close to half finished! There's one actor that is giving me trouble, but with today's advances made in sprite sunglasses, I think it will be much easier than I initially thought.

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  1. Geniaaaal tu blog
    I love Blog!
    i´m from Chile
    Perdon por mi inglish xd pero tenia q agradecer tu trabajo espero q puedas traducirlo en google
    Ya estas en favoritos en mi escritorio.
    Sigue asi y espero subir mis creaciones en base a los patrones q haz subido :)