Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Fantastic Four Sprite Pattern- All of Them on One Chart!

Hello! Today's post is going to be pretty fast, since I am sleepy from taking stuff for my allergies. I just finished up a small set of requested sprite patterns, though, and really wanted to get the cross stitch pattern posted! Earlier this week, someone asked for some sprite patterns of the Fantastic Four for their friend's birthday, and since I already had Invisible Woman done as part of a project where I made patterns of my part members from Marvel: Avengers Alliance, a Facebook game, it seemed like a really reasonable request. Today, however, my dad was channel surfing and flipped by the Fantastic Four movie, so I decided to actually sit and get the patterns done.

For these patterns, I had so many colors in common between the four sprites that I decided to just include them all on one chart. The preview image is a little smaller than normal because of that, but I made sure that the floss list and chart itself were the same size as they are on single sprite patterns. Other than that, there's not too much that's unusual about any of these patterns. The Thing is oversized, since he's a giant orange rock guy, and then Human Torch has red outlines, since he is a guy that is on fire, but I don't think either of those things should cause much trouble, whether you stitch these or use them for a perler bead project. Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic are just normal patterns, so they definitely shouldn't cause any problems.
I haven't stitched enough of Kyubey to do a WIP photo for today, though I'm going to work on that while I watch TV tonight! For now, I am done, but I have new patterns to post next week that I am fairly excited about. Until then, have a nice night and good luck with your crafts!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Sprite Pattern of David Byrne

Hello! I have not been very productive today, so I am doing a blog post to compensate for that fact! I think that today could have been a nice, productive day for me, but this morning, Pokemon Battle Trozei came out on the eShop for 3DS. Usually, I can buy video games without them causing a major disruption, but this is both a Pokemon game and a mindless match-3 puzzle game, and it is also adorable. I played it quite a lot when I could have been doing crafts, or even schoolwork instead.

Because I played a lot of video games today, it seems like a good idea to post a cross stitch pattern tonight. However, the next pattern that I had in my lineup to post is a sprite pattern of David Byrne. I made this for my sister, since she kept sending me photos of him in a really big suit on Facebook, so I decided it would make an appropriate pattern. If you like stitching these sprite patterns and also like the Talking Heads, it is your lucky day! If you do not fit into that incredibly specific category, I suppose that it is not as lucky of a day for you. Either way, here is today's pattern!
With today's cross stitch pattern posted, it is time for my latest slightly fuzzy WIP photo of my cross stitch of Kyubey! I worked on this a bit at McDonalds tonight, so I got the outline done and wanted to show it off. I had weird lighting while I took the photo, so the white fill-in stitches aren't showing up too well, but I'm not doing too badly with those, either. Also, I moved the project to a smaller hoop. I don't think I'll have this done by Monday, when I go back to school, but he will be staring at me with complete indifference from my wall before too long!
Now that this post that I'm sure all of you were totally expecting is done, it is time for me to play mindless games and read comics until I fall asleep! I should be posting again soon, though. Good night, and have a nice tomorrow!

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Monochrome Pattern of Uni-Kitty

Hello! This isn't going to be a very long post, since I was doing homework all afternoon and it fried my brain a little. I did, however, want to post my lovely monochrome pattern of Uni-Kitty from The Lego Movie! I made this pattern because I thought it would be cute, so some very deep thought went into my creation of this work. I know Uni-Kitty has other fans, though, so hopefully, I'm not the only one who stitches this.

This pattern is sized near identically to the Legend of Zelda monochrome patterns, so it should end up being a little smaller than Benny if you're going to make both Lego Movie patterns that I've posted. If there are any more characters that you guys would like, let me know! These were fun to make, and I think they'll look nice stitched up. For now, though, here is the lovely cross stitch pattern of Uni-Kitty.

With that posted, I have another WIP of my cross stitch of Kyubey (from Madoka Magica), which is the only cross stitch that I've been working. It's not very exciting to look at, but I'm getting really far on this project. I might have it done within a week!
I'm done blogging now, but I still have stuff to post and stuff I'm working on, so I'll be back pretty soon! Until then, have a good start to your week!

Friday, March 14, 2014

I Have Never Read The Mortal Instruments, But Here Is A Pattern From It!

Hello! To begin this post, I would like to state that I know very, very little about The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. I haven't read the books or seen the movies, and, that being said, I will probably say something that irritates a lot of fans of the series. I don't know what it would be, but these things happen, so I wanted to post a disclaimer before I got too far.

Anyway, earlier this week, I posted a pattern and Tiki, of the lovely blog Tiki Stitches, commenting if I'd make one of the runes from The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. I agreed to this, but really wasn't sure when I'd get it done, so I did not say anything very concrete about that part of it. Today, however, I have some reading to do for a class project, so the choice came down to my deciding if I would rather make the requested pattern or read John Smith's views on the colonization of the New World. Suddenly, making this pattern seemed very appealing!

I think that this pattern, of an angelic rune, is fairly small and not that complicated, so for anyone who wants to stitch it, it should go very quickly! The only issue that I can think of with it now is that I chose a gold embroidery floss for the suggested color, since I thought it would be cool if a rune looked like a treasure in an adventure movie. This is probably wrong, since my brief research makes it seem like these runes are magic tattoos more than treasure things, though this may also be an incorrect assumption. Luckily, the pattern is only one color, so you can pretty much do whatever you want with it, no matter what weirdo choice I've made. Keeping that in mind, I hope that you guys like this pattern.

With that posted, I actually do have a WIP photo today, of a cross stitch that I'm working on! I'm using the pattern of Kyubey from Madoka Magica that I made when I went on the mascot character pattern making spree, and it's going really quickly. I got a wooden hoop for it at Jo-Ann's today, partially because the 11-count Aida was wadding up like crazy and partially because I thought it would be nice to have a character like this in a lovely country sampler type of frame. Either way, I'm really enjoying stitching this project!
I'm done for today, but I actually still have quite a few patterns to post, so I'll be back again soon! As always, I have sprite patterns to post, and as for giant monochrome patterns, I have at least one more Lego Movie pattern, as well as a super-cool Pacific Rim one that I just found in my pattern backup folder! Until my next post, I hope you guys have a good rest of your Fridays and do well with your crafts!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Hello! Today, I don't have any WIP photos or anything, since I haven't done much of my robot painting or done a lot of cross stitch for the past few days, but I do have a pretty big cross stitch pattern for you guys! Since yesterday, I've been editing some coloring pictures from the Lego website, staring at pixels until my eyes felt wobbly, and using that to work on some monochrome cross stitch patterns of characters from The Lego Movie, mostly because I wanted them. I've done two of them so far, and as those of you who have seen the movie have probably guessed, today I'm posting one of Benny the Astronaut. If you have read this blog for more than a few posts, I don't imagine you'll be terribly shocked by which character shows up later this weekend, but for today, Benny seemed like the better choice. This isn't because the pattern is better or worse, but it is because I wanted to type "spaceship" over and over again in my blog title bar.

If you're planning to stitch Benny, as I eventually will, this is a little bigger than the monochrome Zelda patterns, but shouldn't be any more difficult than they are. The preview image for it was done in navy blue, but whatever color that you pick for it will probably be good. I wouldn't recommend stitching it in white on white fabric, but if that's what you want to do, I won't stop you. Anyway, here is the pattern!
With that posted, I'm done for today, but will have more patterns for you guys very soon! Until then, have a good day and good luck with your stitching and other stuff!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Monochrome Idol Singer and Photos of a Model Kit in Progress

Hello! Today's post is not going to be really long, mostly because I have no attention span today. After I posted my stitching of the insignia from the "No Idols" signs that are posted all over the place in AKB0048, an anime about pop stars doing space battles and using really perky bubblegum music that occasionally seems like it would do more harm than good to bring joy to the people, I got a couple of requests for the pattern I used. It's a cute, frilly silhouette of an anime idol singer, and today, I am posting it. It's a bit bigger than even the monochrome Legend of Zelda patterns, and she's solid stitches, too, but it goes pretty quickly, and if you stitch her on plastic canvas, you get a gigantic final project. My stitched version of this actually keeps falling off of the wall, but eventually, I will get her to stay.

Anyway, for those of you who wanted the pattern, I hope you like it!

With that posted, it's time for my poorly taken photos of works in progress! I should probably post the stitching project I'm working on, but since that's currently a white blob on off white fabric, it isn't very interesting. What is cool, however, is the model giant robot I started working on last night! I went to a used games/DVDs/comic books/piles of whatever stuff they could get their hands on store yesterday and found a really inexpensive model kit that looked like it would be fun to build. When they used to have the Gundam models at Target and Wal-Mart, I built a few of those, though I didn't do it too well, and it seemed like it could be fun, and not that much of a loss, to do it again. I don't know much about the mech itself, but here is a less blurry than usual photo of the box.
After some in-depth googling, I have determined that this is from something called Knights of Ramune. I remember it getting bad reviews in anime magazines, which probably explains why there was a stack of this 90s kit in a store in central Illinois. At any rate, Kaiser Fire seems like a really lame name for a giant robot, so I've determined that mine will have a really awesome name, like Warlord Princess Sparkles.

I took this photo when I was really enthusiastic about the idea of getting the entire thing painted and done in one night. Today, I was going to be sitting at my desk, and Warlord Princess Sparkles was going to be on top of my TV, somewhere between the Happy Meal toy of Jake from Adventure Time and the little Lego girl pulling the ice cream cart. In reality, this is what I got done:

Things have actually regressed a bit since I took this photo. In this, two parts of the robot had been assembled, but now, I have taken them back apart because I don't need to stand this up to let the nail polish dry any more. (That's right, I'm using nail polish to paint my robot, because if the real paint that you guys use to paint your Gundams has fumes, requires top coat, and comes off with nail polish remover, I'm guessing that I can paint my cheap robot with nail polish.) Not everything is lost, though- if I can get a square centimeter of this painted each day, I might have this done by the time I'm done with grad school.

With that, I'm done for today, and I should actually probably review my reading for class tonight, seeing as I don't remember what it was about at all. My spring break starts the day after tomorrow, though, so I'm hoping to be able to post a little more frequently! Until then, have a nice day and good luck with your own crafting nonsense!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sprite Patterns of the 2014 Academy Award Nominees for Best Actor

Hello! I've been doing homework like crazy, with one day this week involving my working on it for nine hours. Because of that, I wasn't able to get my sprite patterns for this year's nominees for Best Actor at the Academy Awards done as early as I wanted to. Tomorrow, however, is the actual day of the Academy Awards, which is close enough to a special occasion that I worked really hard tonight in order to get enough done that I didn't have to do much tomorrow. I did a bunch of discussion questions for a pretend syllabus for a pretend literature class that I'm making, and I was going to quit and work on my rubber band rug, but instead felt so productive that I decided to finish the Academy Award nominees pattern set for this year.

The five nominees for best actor were probably the hardest set of any of them to finish for this year. I got Bruce Dern and Chiwetel Ejiofor done pretty early, but past that, I had three problem actors. Christian Bale was so sleazy looking in American Hustle that it was difficult to get that to come across, Matthew McConaughey had a cowboy hat, which always makes things hard, and Leonardo DiCaprio kept ending up looking like Phoenix Wright. In the end, I think I did all right with these patterns, though Leonardo DiCaprio does, in fact, still look quite a bit like Phoenix Wright. I don't think that's necessarily bad, though, so, in alphabetical order, here are the sprite patterns for the 2014 Academy Award nominees for Best Actor.

Christian Bale, for American Hustle

Bruce Dern, for Nebraska

Leonardo DiCaprio, for The Wolf of Wall Street

Chiwetel Ejiofor, for Twelve Years a Slave (Again, the hair on this pattern will look better when stitched than it does in the preview image. KG Stitch and I are at war.)

and, finally, Matthew McConaughey, for Dallas Buyers Club

It is almost 1 am, so, despite the fact that people are yelling and ice is smacking into my window, I want to go to bed. I don't have any WIP photos of anything today, but in my next post, where I will have the idol singer silhouette pattern that I used for my first project of the year, I will hopefully have something I am working on. Until then, have a nice rest of your weekend and good luck with your crafts and stuff!