Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Monochrome Idol Singer and Photos of a Model Kit in Progress

Hello! Today's post is not going to be really long, mostly because I have no attention span today. After I posted my stitching of the insignia from the "No Idols" signs that are posted all over the place in AKB0048, an anime about pop stars doing space battles and using really perky bubblegum music that occasionally seems like it would do more harm than good to bring joy to the people, I got a couple of requests for the pattern I used. It's a cute, frilly silhouette of an anime idol singer, and today, I am posting it. It's a bit bigger than even the monochrome Legend of Zelda patterns, and she's solid stitches, too, but it goes pretty quickly, and if you stitch her on plastic canvas, you get a gigantic final project. My stitched version of this actually keeps falling off of the wall, but eventually, I will get her to stay.

Anyway, for those of you who wanted the pattern, I hope you like it!

With that posted, it's time for my poorly taken photos of works in progress! I should probably post the stitching project I'm working on, but since that's currently a white blob on off white fabric, it isn't very interesting. What is cool, however, is the model giant robot I started working on last night! I went to a used games/DVDs/comic books/piles of whatever stuff they could get their hands on store yesterday and found a really inexpensive model kit that looked like it would be fun to build. When they used to have the Gundam models at Target and Wal-Mart, I built a few of those, though I didn't do it too well, and it seemed like it could be fun, and not that much of a loss, to do it again. I don't know much about the mech itself, but here is a less blurry than usual photo of the box.
After some in-depth googling, I have determined that this is from something called Knights of Ramune. I remember it getting bad reviews in anime magazines, which probably explains why there was a stack of this 90s kit in a store in central Illinois. At any rate, Kaiser Fire seems like a really lame name for a giant robot, so I've determined that mine will have a really awesome name, like Warlord Princess Sparkles.

I took this photo when I was really enthusiastic about the idea of getting the entire thing painted and done in one night. Today, I was going to be sitting at my desk, and Warlord Princess Sparkles was going to be on top of my TV, somewhere between the Happy Meal toy of Jake from Adventure Time and the little Lego girl pulling the ice cream cart. In reality, this is what I got done:

Things have actually regressed a bit since I took this photo. In this, two parts of the robot had been assembled, but now, I have taken them back apart because I don't need to stand this up to let the nail polish dry any more. (That's right, I'm using nail polish to paint my robot, because if the real paint that you guys use to paint your Gundams has fumes, requires top coat, and comes off with nail polish remover, I'm guessing that I can paint my cheap robot with nail polish.) Not everything is lost, though- if I can get a square centimeter of this painted each day, I might have this done by the time I'm done with grad school.

With that, I'm done for today, and I should actually probably review my reading for class tonight, seeing as I don't remember what it was about at all. My spring break starts the day after tomorrow, though, so I'm hoping to be able to post a little more frequently! Until then, have a nice day and good luck with your own crafting nonsense!

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  1. Nail polish? That is beyond brilliant! Nice pattern too. :) Pink does seem to suit it but purple might work. By any chance have you/would you consider doing that "rune" pattern from the City of Bones movie?