Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Sprite Pattern of David Byrne

Hello! I have not been very productive today, so I am doing a blog post to compensate for that fact! I think that today could have been a nice, productive day for me, but this morning, Pokemon Battle Trozei came out on the eShop for 3DS. Usually, I can buy video games without them causing a major disruption, but this is both a Pokemon game and a mindless match-3 puzzle game, and it is also adorable. I played it quite a lot when I could have been doing crafts, or even schoolwork instead.

Because I played a lot of video games today, it seems like a good idea to post a cross stitch pattern tonight. However, the next pattern that I had in my lineup to post is a sprite pattern of David Byrne. I made this for my sister, since she kept sending me photos of him in a really big suit on Facebook, so I decided it would make an appropriate pattern. If you like stitching these sprite patterns and also like the Talking Heads, it is your lucky day! If you do not fit into that incredibly specific category, I suppose that it is not as lucky of a day for you. Either way, here is today's pattern!
With today's cross stitch pattern posted, it is time for my latest slightly fuzzy WIP photo of my cross stitch of Kyubey! I worked on this a bit at McDonalds tonight, so I got the outline done and wanted to show it off. I had weird lighting while I took the photo, so the white fill-in stitches aren't showing up too well, but I'm not doing too badly with those, either. Also, I moved the project to a smaller hoop. I don't think I'll have this done by Monday, when I go back to school, but he will be staring at me with complete indifference from my wall before too long!
Now that this post that I'm sure all of you were totally expecting is done, it is time for me to play mindless games and read comics until I fall asleep! I should be posting again soon, though. Good night, and have a nice tomorrow!

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  1. Sorry I haven't commented in a while - your Kyubey is looking great!