Saturday, April 12, 2014

Another Weird Space Rabbit, Robotech Edition

Hello! Recently, I've been working on my anime mascot character portrait patterns again, but in choosing the two new characters, made choices that are, at best, probably questionable. Because of that, I am starting with the more obscure one. Tonight's cross stitch pattern is a ridiculously big chart of one of the Pollinators from Southern Cross, the second season of Robotech. I know that they are obscure because I spent a ton of time on Google and Bing typing things like "robotech space bunny" or "robotech fuzzy space cat" and, finally, the coherent and grammatically correct, "robotech dana pet what called" before actually figuring out that they were called Pollinators.

Mostly, I made this chart for myself, because I wasn't sure who else was ever going to make this. I ended up not even making the one Dana keeps as a pet because the other ones are pink, like some deranged Sanrio character, and I am shallow. After some thought, however, I decided that if anyone got it in their head that they really wanted a big cross stitch pattern of an alien rabbit-creature that appeared in one scene of Robotech, this is the blog they'd be reading. Therefore, I am posting the pattern.

Tonight's cross stitch chart is really big, at about 75 by 90 stitches, but despite that, it is not very complicated. (Something tells me that Southern Cross was not a super-high budget show.) I actually added details when I was making this pattern that weren't in the original artwork so that it would be more fun to stitch. It's all just shading, but it takes away from the mind numbing monotony of stitching a gigantic block of light pink for weeks upon weeks. There's still only a few colors here, though, so it shouldn't be a challenge to find the colors for this, whether you want to use the real DMC floss colors or not, or to stitch it. Anyway, here is today's anime mascot character!
I'm pretty sleepy right now, so I am going to stop blogging for the time being. I have a companion pattern to this one, though, featuring one of the Space Mice from Voltron, and hope to post that within the next couple of days! After that, I need to make some more mascot character patterns, but still have a ton of sprite patterns to post, too. I am in no danger of running out of patterns. Anyway, I will be posting again soon, so, until then, have a nice weekend and good luck with your crafts!


  1. I never knew these things existed in the show, and now I want to know all I can about them.

    1. This one only pops up once, and I can't remember where they explain it, but according to a couple of wikis (and this is what I remember, too) they're from Tirol and go around pollinating protoculture from "the flower of life," which I don't remember very well, at least in the second season. Dana has a pet one for a while that seemed very mascot-y, but they just kind of drop it at some point. That was the one I was originally going to make, and at some point, I probably still will, but this one will look cool next to some of my other projects, so the less visible version got to be in the pattern.

      I am sort of tired, so I hope that made some sort of sense. There's a tiny bit of info here,
      and I found this at the link I give on the actual pattern, which I felt proved that I didn't just imagine the whole thing, like I'd originally thought.