Monday, April 7, 2014

Because You All Loved the Rushmore Sprite Pattern So Very Much...

Hello! My blogging tonight probably isn't the best idea, because the sleepier I get, the more tenuous my grasp on actually running a computer and making cross stitch patterns becomes. Because of that, my post tonight is not going to be too long. I went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel this morning, though, and after seeing it got it into my head, as I'm sure most people did, that if I stitched the Society of Crossed Keys emblem, it would be considerably less difficult than trying to recreate the needlepoint from the beginning of Moonrise Kingdom, as far as Wes Anderson themed needlecrafts go, but in terms of movie themed crafts that are not so director specific, that it would look very nice next to my stitching of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps logo from Pacific Rim. (I'm sure my roommates are constantly amazed by my decorating sense.) I wanted to make this pattern this afternoon, but because I had a lot of homework, I made myself wait until I had it done to work on fun stuff. I got my homework done, but was not very focused about it, which is why I am posting this after midnight.

Anyway, when I made this pattern, I had the stitch count be between 70 and 80 both vertically and horizontally so that it would be a fairly quick project and one that would be well suited to stitching on a tote bag. No one asked for this, but I thought it might look cool on one. When I stitch this, though, possibly quite soon, I think that I'm going to do it on Aida cloth and put it in an embroidery hoop, so it looks nifty and old fashioned.

I just spent ten minutes staring at the first paragraph, not sure that it makes sense, so before I do that again, here is today's pattern! I hope that you guys like it!
I have no WIP photo today, since my current project is a boring blob of red so far, so it is time for bed. I have two 80s robot anime mascots coming up for you, as well as the usual barrage of sprite patterns, so I will be posting again soon! Until then, have a good start to your week!

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  1. thank you very much for this pattern. I can't wait to stitch it. I think your idea of framing it with a hoop sounds really nice :)