Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cross Stitch a Space Mouse!

Hello, everyone! I am half asleep and not very coherent, so I should probably not blog, but I want to keep posting my anime mascot portrait patterns tonight! My newest pattern in the set features, as you guys have been warned, one of the Space Mice from Voltron! I do not know as much about Voltron as I do about certain other strange dubs of 80s robot anime, but the Space Mice are great. At first I thought it was good that the show had a bunch of cute cartoon mice running around the giant robot hell battle landscape, so I was all for them at that point. After that, though, the Space Mice built a tiny Space Mouse Voltron, and then I was impressed. I cannot give a summary of what happened on Voltron, except it seems like they killed and unkilled Sven, which was confusing, and also, they gave a princess a giant robot, which is cool. I can, however, talk at length about Space Mice, though most of it will be total nonsense and questions as to what exactly makes them Space Mice rather than normal mice in space, which is why this pattern happened.

I'm pretty sure that someone who actually paid attention to Voltron is reading this with a cartoon vein popping out of their forehead.

Anyway, today's pattern is of a decent size, at 60 by 75 stitches, and because most of the pattern is made of of ears, it shouldn't take too long to stitch. I actually think that this came out really well, and hope to make it myself someday. The colors are simple, so substitutions should be easy to make if you want to do so.
I have been working on my stitching, so I should post some WIP photos, but I am really sleepy, so I will do so in my next post. There's one project that I'm hoping to finish by the end of the weekend, but if I don't pull it off, I will post photos at some point. Until that and my next patterns post, have a good evening and good luck with your crafts!

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  1. It's so cute XD I haven't heard of the anime before though. BUT OMG IT IS SO CUTE <3