Monday, May 26, 2014

It's Not Too Late For More Pacific Rim Stuff

Hello! I am posting today because my desktop currently has way too many cross stitch patterns on it. Most of them are sprite patterns, with some requested stuff, characters from fluff-headed anime about idol singers, some magical girls that one of my friends at school asked for, and some random Marvel characters that were in my party on Avengers Alliance, a Facebook game that I don't play right now, taking up space. I also have some portrait patterns of obscure characters from a very popular anime on there that I still need to chart, as well as the remaining monochrome patterns in a set that I've been working on without really knowing what's going on with the show that they're from. Today, however, I'm posting a Pacific Rim monochrome pattern that's been rotting on my desktop since last July.

You may be wondering why, after almost a year after Pacific Rim came out, I'm finally posting my monochrome kaiju, taken from the warning signs plastered up in the movie. I wish that I had a nice and cheerful answer as to why I was doing this, but mostly, it's because I went with my family to see Godzilla this morning and thought all through it that it was not nearly as good as Pacific Rim was, reminding me that I still had this pattern to post. I know that a lot of you reading this probably did like Godzilla, as many of my friends on Facebook seemed to, but I thought it was really long, humorless, and sorely lacking a disco Godzilla victory dance. It is likely that we expect different things from our movies. Regardless of all that, though, I am finally posting the companion pattern to the monochrome Pan Pacific Defense Corps emblem, so if you are also interested in cross stitching Pacific Rim fan art, I hope that you enjoy this cross stitch pattern.
With all of that over with, I am done posting for today. As you can tell from the start of this post, though, I have plenty of patterns to chart and post, so I will be back soon. Until then, have a good start to your week!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Two New Kuroko's Basketball Patterns With WIP Photos of My Current Needlepoint Projects

Hello! I tried to post this afternoon, but couldn't think of anything to type, so I ended up not doing anything. I just got done watching the new episode of Fargo, though, and after that, I am definitely not too sleepy to do a coherent blog post. Hopefully, this blog post will be less stressful than the TV show was!

Tonight, I have two new Kuroko's Basketball sprite patterns for you guys. I still know very little about Kuroko's Basketball, but I'm pretty happy with these patterns. They feature Kuroko himself, which seems appropriate, and the less-in-the-title-of-the-anime Ryota. After these, I still have two other cross stitch patterns in this set of sprites, which I hope to post soon, but for now, here are some fairly typical charts of Kuroko and Ryota!

With those posted, it's time for me to show off some WIP photos of giant plastic canvas projects that I'm working on! Both of these are future campus apartment decorations, so, naturally, the subjects at hand are Breaking Bad and Adventure Time. My first photo is of my super-lovely Breaking Bad project, which depicts the moth that's painted on the barrels of methylamine that Walt and Jesse keep having to steal. It may not look like much so far, but by the time it's done, I want people to look at this and go, "Wow! This girl really likes cable TV dramas, but her needlepoint also reminds me some of Lisa Frank!" In order to achieve this, I'm stitching the moth itself in neon yellow yarn, and I'm then going to outline it in super neon pink. After that, I'm going to trim it and then trim the edges with either neon blue or neon green. If I can figure out how to involve glitter, I'm doin' that, too. For now, though, here is where the project stands. Enjoy the weird photo!
My other current needlepoint project, which I've been working on today, is a really ridiculous stitching of one of Awenmir's Adventure Time patterns! (This, and many others, can be found on the fantastic website Superstitch!) I can't think of a reason why I would need a plastic canvas needlepoint of Princess Bubblegum that's over two feet tall, but by God, I am making it. I'm just following the pattern here, so I don't have as much to say about this, but it's really satisfying to make so much progress on a project so quickly! I started her on Saturday night, after going to Awenmir's website to look at the Sailor Moon patterns she made, and got her whole outline done by Sunday. I've actually done a bit more of this than is in the photo, since I took this picture this afternoon, but it's hot today and I did not get as much done as I'd hoped while I was watching TV tonight, so I don't care. Here is a lovely photo of my progress so far on Princess Bubblegum!
With all of that posted, I am done for now, but I have and am working on a lot more patterns to post, so I'll be back with more stuff quite quickly! Until then, have a good week and best of luck with your craft projects!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Another RWBY Pattern and A Photo of My Attempt at an Internet Craft

Hello! To start this post, I feel like I need to declare that I got a really cool request and, at some point, will be doing a very excited blog post both about the pattern itself and the fact that someone actually wanted it. That isn't today, but I just wanted to warn you guys that it is coming.

Tonight, I wanted an excuse to do a blog post, so I'm posting another one of the monochrome emblem things from RWBY, which I still haven't watched, and then posting a photo of a craft that I saw on the internet and wanted to make. I picked the RWBY pattern over another pair of Kuroko's Basketball ones because I already had it charted, but I'll have another couple of sprite pattern basketball players later in the weekend. They'll have lovely hair in bright colors.

For today, I'm continuing the RWBY patterns with a strange, fire-tulip looking thing, since that's the one I thought of first and I would be posting it eventually anyway. Loading the pattern into the window, it seems to belong to a character named Blake, and even though I made the suggested color a dark gray, that seems really boring. It might be appropriate to the character. I am kind of sleepy right now, so I don't remember why I picked the color that I did. I just know that if I ever ended up stitching this, it would be in a brighter, more interesting color. Regardless of what color you choose, however, this is a pretty basic monochrome pattern that shouldn't take too long to stitch. It may have the lowest stitch count of the set of four, so if you need to make all of them for a craft, I hope you enjoy how quickly this will go!

With that posted, it's time to post my photo of my lovely drink parasol wreath. I have never made a wreath before, but this was aggressively cheerful looking and I wanted it for my campus apartment next year, so I did it. One of my friends e-mailed a link to it, but I don't think that's where the project originated. Still, trying to find the origins of the project turned into a scary internet maze, so here is a link to a nice, descriptive, and very positive blog post about how to do it on Eclectically Vintage.

Myself and the blogger at Eclectically Vintage did not have the same wreath making experience. My wreath got done, but, despite the fact that mine is way smaller, it took well over an hour and involved lots of broken umbrellas in a bag with the tiny, snappable rubber bands that held them together, and a few hand stabbings. I hated doing it and never want to sit there jamming tiny umbrellas into a wad of foam again. Maybe it is pleasant and lovely to do this with the fancier wreath-forms, but I am cheap, so I used the foam one, which kind of sucked.

In the end, though, it turned out to look really nice! My photography isn't too spiffy, but the wreath came out looking the way that I wanted, which shocked me, and I think it'll be really nice on my door in the fall. Here is how the project came out!

With that, I am done for tonight and off to find more crafts involving tiny umbrellas that I can do. I will have more cross stitch patterns for you guys very soon, and some photos of the super cool plastic canvas project that I am working on. I would say more about that, but I feel like it would be a spoiler if I did, so I'll just wait until I get some photos of it. Until my next post, have a good weekend and best of luck with all of your crafty stuff!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fancy Monochrome for a Show I've Never Seen

Hello! Today, I have the start of another requested pattern set from a cartoon that I've never seen! You guys should be starting to get suspicious about the amount of anime sitcom idol singers that are going to be thrown in your faces when I'm done posting all of these requests.

Today's subject is a magical girl show called RWBY, which I guess is about CG princesses scowling at people and holding up weapons, and all of these princesses have monochrome emblems that, when compared to the crests from Digimon, have the incredible ability to make people who like the show scowl at you just like they are the princesses on your computer screen. I had these patterns requested once online and once offline, so I actually made them, but, disappointingly enough, being in the same room who knows stuff about a show means that I don't get to use Bing image search until I have drawn hundreds of unfair conclusions about what is actually going on. Because of that, I don't have too much to say about these four patterns and, from here on out, will probably be pairing them with WIP photos just to fill up an entire post.

Anyway, to start this set of patterns, I'm going with the emblem for the character Ruby, because it was the biggest pain to make and I want it posted. I made sure that all four of these were around the same size, so they could be stitched as a set, but because two of them are really narrow, and the third is a snowflake, this one will take the longest to make. Additionally, if you stitch this in some sort of glitter floss or make it with the glittery perler beads, you will have a sparkly fire rose, which is pretty nifty. Making all four of these charts in glitter floss would be cool, too, even if it would involve a lot of knotted up floss and blind frustration. I wouldn't have to deal with it, though, so if you'd like to do that, best of luck!

I'm done posting for today, since I'm working on a pretty giant project at the moment that, so far, looks like a neon yellow shapeless blob. I've still got tons of requested patterns to post, though, so I'll have both more of those and an eventual WIP photo at some point. Until then, good luck with all of your crafty stuff!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Cross Stitch Patterns Which Are Of the Characters Which Are From the Basketball Which Kuroko Plays

Hello! I haven't posted any sprite patterns for a while, but over the weekend, I finished a new requested set from an anime called either Kuroko's Basketball or Kuroko no Basket, or, my favorite, The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays. I don't watch it, so I have no real preference for what title to use, but all of the characters had really brightly colored hair, so I thought it would be a fun set to make! For tonight, I have two sprite patterns of characters from this show for you guys, because posting the ones that I've made two at a time lets me stretch this set into three posts.

Before I post these patterns, I would like to say that I just picked seven characters that were in a particularly cool looking and clearly labeled group picture, so I may have accidentally ignored a character who is somehow the very heart of Kuroko's Basketball. I'm not sure what that would entail, but I'm guessing that it would be a character who is both awesome at basketball and at looking longingly into the soft-focus camera as he eats an ice cream cone, a forlorn look in his eyes. (I learned everything that I know about this from image searching and wikis, so there may be some confusion on my part.) If this is the case, and you are a fan of the show, please tell me what characters you want. I made Kuroko, because his name is in the title, but past that, everything else was guesswork.

Anyway, for today, the two characters getting posted are Atsushi, who looks kind of sleepy in the art I saw and looks kind of like James from Team Rocket in this pattern, and Daiki, who, in my searches, appeared to be primarily a guy who glared at stuff and secondarily a guy who played basketball. He also seems to glare at people while playing basketball, so he must be good at multitasking. I'm actually pretty happy with these patterns, but I like how the set came out as a whole. The basketball uniforms were a bit of a challenge, since I wanted to get their numbers on the front, so I hope you guys like how they look! Even if they were tough to make, they should be really easy to stitch or perler bead, or use for any craft.

With that, I am done for tonight, but I have enough patterns built up that I should be back very soon! Until then, have a good start to your weekend and good luck with your crafts!

Monday, May 5, 2014

My Third and Fourth Finished Projects for 2014

Hello! I am late with this post, partially because of technical difficulties and partially because I am a lazy bum. I finished two new needlework projects, though, and am using my lovely blog space to show them off! The first one I'm going to post my photo of, which I finished a little under a week ago, is my stitched version of the Society of the Crossed Keys emblem  (from The Grand Budapest Hotel) pattern that I posted not too long ago, because who doesn't need stitched and framed Wes Anderson fan art for their campus apartments? This pattern was actually pretty quick to stitch, despite the fact that I was lazy and took forever to do it. I think it came out well, though, and am going to stitch it again for my sister, in sparkly gold. This version of it was done in brown Sullivan's embroidery floss on 14-count tan Aida and then framed in a wooden hoop. (I also got a new Kindle for my birthday last month, so look how clear my photo is!)
My fourth finished project for the year is a goofy needlepoint that I did after my sister sent me a Robotech/Macross .gif through Facebook, where Rick and Minmei were talking in front of a window and then the giant space fish popped up behind them. I really didn't want to do anything that day, so I decided to see if I could do a sprite pattern of the entire screen shot and then needlepoint it. I used a sprite pattern profile base, my old patterns, and some drawings in a Macross artbook for Rick and Minmei, then did the space fish behind them freehand and edited the pattern together with many layers and a lot of frustration. Stitching this was actually easier than making the pattern. The people are cross stitched and the background is in half stitches, with all of it done in Lion Brand bonbon yarn (other than the black outlines and white border) on 7-count neon blue plastic canvas. It's not the best thing I've ever done, but it was fun to make and will be cute on my wall. If anyone wants the pattern for this, I'd be glad to post it!
These two photos are all that I have for today, but I have a ton of new patterns to post soon! After a couple of requests, I did a set of monochrome emblems for RWBY, a magical girl show that looks very serious and also sort of strange and 3D, meaning that, even though people keep telling me to watch it, I just kind of haven't done so. I also did some requested sprite patterns from Kuroko's Basketball, which, from image search, seems to be either about boys with rainbow hair playing basketball or boys with rainbow hair having colored pencil illustrated dating hijinks. Either way, everyone had really cool hair, so the patterns were fun to make and I look forward to posting them. Until then, have a nice night and good luck with all of your crafts!