Friday, May 16, 2014

Another RWBY Pattern and A Photo of My Attempt at an Internet Craft

Hello! To start this post, I feel like I need to declare that I got a really cool request and, at some point, will be doing a very excited blog post both about the pattern itself and the fact that someone actually wanted it. That isn't today, but I just wanted to warn you guys that it is coming.

Tonight, I wanted an excuse to do a blog post, so I'm posting another one of the monochrome emblem things from RWBY, which I still haven't watched, and then posting a photo of a craft that I saw on the internet and wanted to make. I picked the RWBY pattern over another pair of Kuroko's Basketball ones because I already had it charted, but I'll have another couple of sprite pattern basketball players later in the weekend. They'll have lovely hair in bright colors.

For today, I'm continuing the RWBY patterns with a strange, fire-tulip looking thing, since that's the one I thought of first and I would be posting it eventually anyway. Loading the pattern into the window, it seems to belong to a character named Blake, and even though I made the suggested color a dark gray, that seems really boring. It might be appropriate to the character. I am kind of sleepy right now, so I don't remember why I picked the color that I did. I just know that if I ever ended up stitching this, it would be in a brighter, more interesting color. Regardless of what color you choose, however, this is a pretty basic monochrome pattern that shouldn't take too long to stitch. It may have the lowest stitch count of the set of four, so if you need to make all of them for a craft, I hope you enjoy how quickly this will go!

With that posted, it's time to post my photo of my lovely drink parasol wreath. I have never made a wreath before, but this was aggressively cheerful looking and I wanted it for my campus apartment next year, so I did it. One of my friends e-mailed a link to it, but I don't think that's where the project originated. Still, trying to find the origins of the project turned into a scary internet maze, so here is a link to a nice, descriptive, and very positive blog post about how to do it on Eclectically Vintage.

Myself and the blogger at Eclectically Vintage did not have the same wreath making experience. My wreath got done, but, despite the fact that mine is way smaller, it took well over an hour and involved lots of broken umbrellas in a bag with the tiny, snappable rubber bands that held them together, and a few hand stabbings. I hated doing it and never want to sit there jamming tiny umbrellas into a wad of foam again. Maybe it is pleasant and lovely to do this with the fancier wreath-forms, but I am cheap, so I used the foam one, which kind of sucked.

In the end, though, it turned out to look really nice! My photography isn't too spiffy, but the wreath came out looking the way that I wanted, which shocked me, and I think it'll be really nice on my door in the fall. Here is how the project came out!

With that, I am done for tonight and off to find more crafts involving tiny umbrellas that I can do. I will have more cross stitch patterns for you guys very soon, and some photos of the super cool plastic canvas project that I am working on. I would say more about that, but I feel like it would be a spoiler if I did, so I'll just wait until I get some photos of it. Until my next post, have a good weekend and best of luck with all of your crafty stuff!


  1. Thank You for posting the patterns ! Your cross stitch is awesome !!! My eye sight is poor so I am going to use 11 count Aida cloth and 4 strands of floss, do you think this will ruin the finished pattern ? Thanks

    1. No, that wouldn't ruin it at all! I usually use three strands on 11-count, but four would give it a really nice, solidly filled-in look. Thank you so much for the kind comment, and best of luck with your stitching!