Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fancy Monochrome for a Show I've Never Seen

Hello! Today, I have the start of another requested pattern set from a cartoon that I've never seen! You guys should be starting to get suspicious about the amount of anime sitcom idol singers that are going to be thrown in your faces when I'm done posting all of these requests.

Today's subject is a magical girl show called RWBY, which I guess is about CG princesses scowling at people and holding up weapons, and all of these princesses have monochrome emblems that, when compared to the crests from Digimon, have the incredible ability to make people who like the show scowl at you just like they are the princesses on your computer screen. I had these patterns requested once online and once offline, so I actually made them, but, disappointingly enough, being in the same room who knows stuff about a show means that I don't get to use Bing image search until I have drawn hundreds of unfair conclusions about what is actually going on. Because of that, I don't have too much to say about these four patterns and, from here on out, will probably be pairing them with WIP photos just to fill up an entire post.

Anyway, to start this set of patterns, I'm going with the emblem for the character Ruby, because it was the biggest pain to make and I want it posted. I made sure that all four of these were around the same size, so they could be stitched as a set, but because two of them are really narrow, and the third is a snowflake, this one will take the longest to make. Additionally, if you stitch this in some sort of glitter floss or make it with the glittery perler beads, you will have a sparkly fire rose, which is pretty nifty. Making all four of these charts in glitter floss would be cool, too, even if it would involve a lot of knotted up floss and blind frustration. I wouldn't have to deal with it, though, so if you'd like to do that, best of luck!

I'm done posting for today, since I'm working on a pretty giant project at the moment that, so far, looks like a neon yellow shapeless blob. I've still got tons of requested patterns to post, though, so I'll have both more of those and an eventual WIP photo at some point. Until then, good luck with all of your crafty stuff!

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