Monday, May 26, 2014

It's Not Too Late For More Pacific Rim Stuff

Hello! I am posting today because my desktop currently has way too many cross stitch patterns on it. Most of them are sprite patterns, with some requested stuff, characters from fluff-headed anime about idol singers, some magical girls that one of my friends at school asked for, and some random Marvel characters that were in my party on Avengers Alliance, a Facebook game that I don't play right now, taking up space. I also have some portrait patterns of obscure characters from a very popular anime on there that I still need to chart, as well as the remaining monochrome patterns in a set that I've been working on without really knowing what's going on with the show that they're from. Today, however, I'm posting a Pacific Rim monochrome pattern that's been rotting on my desktop since last July.

You may be wondering why, after almost a year after Pacific Rim came out, I'm finally posting my monochrome kaiju, taken from the warning signs plastered up in the movie. I wish that I had a nice and cheerful answer as to why I was doing this, but mostly, it's because I went with my family to see Godzilla this morning and thought all through it that it was not nearly as good as Pacific Rim was, reminding me that I still had this pattern to post. I know that a lot of you reading this probably did like Godzilla, as many of my friends on Facebook seemed to, but I thought it was really long, humorless, and sorely lacking a disco Godzilla victory dance. It is likely that we expect different things from our movies. Regardless of all that, though, I am finally posting the companion pattern to the monochrome Pan Pacific Defense Corps emblem, so if you are also interested in cross stitching Pacific Rim fan art, I hope that you enjoy this cross stitch pattern.
With all of that over with, I am done posting for today. As you can tell from the start of this post, though, I have plenty of patterns to chart and post, so I will be back soon. Until then, have a good start to your week!


  1. Please could you post some of your cross stitch projects (creations) that you have done on 11 count Aida fabric. Thanks

  2. Hello, again! I kind of want to stitch some sprite patterns, so what if I stitched three- one with two strands of floss, one with three strands, and one with four strands- and then posted a comparison post of the three? Would that be at all helpful? It would be a quick and easy stitch that would show a clear contrast between the three, and if there's more info you need, let me know!

  3. That would be very helpful !!! :) Thank You