Monday, May 5, 2014

My Third and Fourth Finished Projects for 2014

Hello! I am late with this post, partially because of technical difficulties and partially because I am a lazy bum. I finished two new needlework projects, though, and am using my lovely blog space to show them off! The first one I'm going to post my photo of, which I finished a little under a week ago, is my stitched version of the Society of the Crossed Keys emblem  (from The Grand Budapest Hotel) pattern that I posted not too long ago, because who doesn't need stitched and framed Wes Anderson fan art for their campus apartments? This pattern was actually pretty quick to stitch, despite the fact that I was lazy and took forever to do it. I think it came out well, though, and am going to stitch it again for my sister, in sparkly gold. This version of it was done in brown Sullivan's embroidery floss on 14-count tan Aida and then framed in a wooden hoop. (I also got a new Kindle for my birthday last month, so look how clear my photo is!)
My fourth finished project for the year is a goofy needlepoint that I did after my sister sent me a Robotech/Macross .gif through Facebook, where Rick and Minmei were talking in front of a window and then the giant space fish popped up behind them. I really didn't want to do anything that day, so I decided to see if I could do a sprite pattern of the entire screen shot and then needlepoint it. I used a sprite pattern profile base, my old patterns, and some drawings in a Macross artbook for Rick and Minmei, then did the space fish behind them freehand and edited the pattern together with many layers and a lot of frustration. Stitching this was actually easier than making the pattern. The people are cross stitched and the background is in half stitches, with all of it done in Lion Brand bonbon yarn (other than the black outlines and white border) on 7-count neon blue plastic canvas. It's not the best thing I've ever done, but it was fun to make and will be cute on my wall. If anyone wants the pattern for this, I'd be glad to post it!
These two photos are all that I have for today, but I have a ton of new patterns to post soon! After a couple of requests, I did a set of monochrome emblems for RWBY, a magical girl show that looks very serious and also sort of strange and 3D, meaning that, even though people keep telling me to watch it, I just kind of haven't done so. I also did some requested sprite patterns from Kuroko's Basketball, which, from image search, seems to be either about boys with rainbow hair playing basketball or boys with rainbow hair having colored pencil illustrated dating hijinks. Either way, everyone had really cool hair, so the patterns were fun to make and I look forward to posting them. Until then, have a nice night and good luck with all of your crafts!


  1. Love the keys. I have got to try that pattern. The Robotech picture is cute though I don't know enough about the show to appreciate its awesomeness!