Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Two New Kuroko's Basketball Patterns With WIP Photos of My Current Needlepoint Projects

Hello! I tried to post this afternoon, but couldn't think of anything to type, so I ended up not doing anything. I just got done watching the new episode of Fargo, though, and after that, I am definitely not too sleepy to do a coherent blog post. Hopefully, this blog post will be less stressful than the TV show was!

Tonight, I have two new Kuroko's Basketball sprite patterns for you guys. I still know very little about Kuroko's Basketball, but I'm pretty happy with these patterns. They feature Kuroko himself, which seems appropriate, and the less-in-the-title-of-the-anime Ryota. After these, I still have two other cross stitch patterns in this set of sprites, which I hope to post soon, but for now, here are some fairly typical charts of Kuroko and Ryota!

With those posted, it's time for me to show off some WIP photos of giant plastic canvas projects that I'm working on! Both of these are future campus apartment decorations, so, naturally, the subjects at hand are Breaking Bad and Adventure Time. My first photo is of my super-lovely Breaking Bad project, which depicts the moth that's painted on the barrels of methylamine that Walt and Jesse keep having to steal. It may not look like much so far, but by the time it's done, I want people to look at this and go, "Wow! This girl really likes cable TV dramas, but her needlepoint also reminds me some of Lisa Frank!" In order to achieve this, I'm stitching the moth itself in neon yellow yarn, and I'm then going to outline it in super neon pink. After that, I'm going to trim it and then trim the edges with either neon blue or neon green. If I can figure out how to involve glitter, I'm doin' that, too. For now, though, here is where the project stands. Enjoy the weird photo!
My other current needlepoint project, which I've been working on today, is a really ridiculous stitching of one of Awenmir's Adventure Time patterns! (This, and many others, can be found on the fantastic website Superstitch!) I can't think of a reason why I would need a plastic canvas needlepoint of Princess Bubblegum that's over two feet tall, but by God, I am making it. I'm just following the pattern here, so I don't have as much to say about this, but it's really satisfying to make so much progress on a project so quickly! I started her on Saturday night, after going to Awenmir's website to look at the Sailor Moon patterns she made, and got her whole outline done by Sunday. I've actually done a bit more of this than is in the photo, since I took this picture this afternoon, but it's hot today and I did not get as much done as I'd hoped while I was watching TV tonight, so I don't care. Here is a lovely photo of my progress so far on Princess Bubblegum!
With all of that posted, I am done for now, but I have and am working on a lot more patterns to post, so I'll be back with more stuff quite quickly! Until then, have a good week and best of luck with your craft projects!

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