Monday, June 23, 2014

A Polar Bear Engaging in Tourist Activities

Hello! I really have no good reason to blog tonight, but I figured that it would be a good time to stop misusing Instagram (my profile is at this link if you want to see my nonsense!), where I chronicled a heart-stopping game of Settlers of Catan with a lot of filter abuse, and start misusing my blog, like I usually do! I'm tired and unambitious, though, so this probably won't be a huge post.  Later this week, I have some nifty sprite patterns for you guys, but for tonight, I have a new Polar Bear Cafe pattern.

I finished outlining my giant plastic canvas pattern of Panda the other day, and it went a lot more quickly than I'd expected! I still need to fill it in, but that shouldn't be too bad. Once I got it trimmed and ready to fill in, though, I started outlining my giant plastic canvas of Polar Bear, the owner of the titular cafe. In my pattern, Polar Bear is dressed up like a tourist, partially because I like when Polar Bear and Panda dress as tourists, but more because the Hawaiian shirt in blue takes away from the massive chunks of white I would have to stitch otherwise. I think it's cute, though, so I hope that you guys do, too! This is narrower than Panda, but taller, so I think they'll take about the same amount of time to stitch if you want to do both of them. Anyway, here is today's fancy cross stitch pattern!

I want to go play stupid match-3 games on Facebook, so I am done for tonight! I'm working on some sprite patterns that I'm pretty excited about posting, though, so I'll be back very soon. Until then, good luck with your crafty stuff!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Kind of a Test Sprite Pattern That I Will Still Make

Hello! I thought that today, I'd spend most of my computer time making corrections to XML files, but as it turns out that I am not as dumb as I'd assumed that I was, I get to inflict ridiculously complicated cross stitch patterns from anime about idol singers on you guys!

Lately, I've been working on trying to find a way to make a good group of sprite patterns, as eventually, I want to make one for all of the characters in the new Smash Bros. game. I was also making patterns of all of the girls from Idolm@ster, because, as you may have guessed from the Polar Bear Cafe post earlier this week, I like my anime to be serious, dramatic, and full of heart-pounding action. At first, it seemed like it would be a good idea to post all twelve of the Idolm@ster patterns individually, dragging them out for weeks of posts in which I didn't shut up about the joys of sitcom anime. I'd already decided to do that with Polar Bear Cafe, though, so I ended up jamming all of the Idolm@ster characters into one pattern, adding their producer at the side for good measure, and getting that over with in one post.

I actually think the giant group pattern turned out really well, even though the matching outfits made it more difficult than a pattern like this would be with Smash Bros. characters. If any of you guys also like fluffy anime about pop stars and aren't prepared for this sort of crafting commitment, though, I can also post any of the individual patterns that you might want. Ami and Mami are both on the same pattern, since I put the twins from Ouran Host Club on the same one and this really didn't seem all that different, but everyone else is in an individual pattern.

If you do want to stitch this, the only special note about it, other than the size, is that you will need a lot of different shades of brown for the hair. I got kind of picky while I was making this, so I used the ink dropper in my paint program to get the exact shades of brown for every brunette character's hair from screenshots from the TV show. I was too lazy to do that by the time I got to Azusa and Chihaya, though, so I just put them in the top row and on opposite ends of the pattern from each other, so that it wasn't so obvious that I'd given them the same hair color. If you're less dedicated than I am, I don't see why you couldn't smush together some of the different shades of brown and get away with that, too. There are also more colors than normal for a sprite pattern, too, but since there are 14 characters in it, that doesn't seem so odd to me.

With all of that typing done, here is the cast picture sprite pattern for Idolm@ster! I don't know if any of you guys will actually care, but in the event that you do, I hope you like the pattern!

Now that I have that posted, I don't have any WIP photos for today, so I am currently done with this post! I still have way too many patterns to post, though, so I'll be back very soon. Have a nice end to your weekend and good luck with all of your craft stuff!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Starting a Set of Polar Bear Cafe Patterns and Finished Project #6!

Hello! I am not very enthusiastic about actually writing a post today, but I do want to get one done, so that's why I am currently blogging! I have some new pattern sets to get started on, which I am excited about, and I finished another project, too, which I will have in the second half of this post.

Anyway, while I was making the plastic canvas Princess Bubblegum that I posted last week, I thought that it might be fun to have some more giant patterns that didn't use all that many colors for future plastic canvas projects. Polar Bear Cafe, a sitcom anime about a polar bear who runs a cafe, seemed like it had a lot of cute characters that would work well for such a pattern set. I've done five patterns for this set so far, including four animals and the human waitress, and there's at least one more that I know I would like to make. For today, though, I am starting the set off with Panda, mostly because, as Panda would say, he's so cute!

This cross stitch pattern is big, and has some massive chunks of dark gray and off white, but even though it won't necessarily be a fast project, it should be a pretty easy one. I started it this morning, and only have Panda's head outlined, but aside from my inability to count properly, it has not caused me any major problems. The panda purse should be the only part of it that's even moderately difficult, so this could make for a nice beginner stitching project. No matter what you use this for, though, I hope that you guys like this pattern!
With today's pattern posted, it's time to post a show-off photo of my sixth finished stitching project for the year! I was posting some WIP photos of this when I was working on it more frequently, but I finally finished my stitched version of the pattern of Kyuubey from Madoka Magica that I posted a while ago. Making this kind of sucked, since I didn't think the fact that I'd have to stitch all of the white through before I started it, but now that I'm done, I'm pretty happy with it! I like my photo of it, too, which is pretty rare for me. I left it uncropped because I like that you can see the pattern of Panda I was getting ready to start on under the finished project.

This was stitched onto 11-count Aida cloth with two strands of embroidery floss. I used a lot of brands of floss on this, and don't remember what all of them were, though the rings around his ears are done in satin floss. I got the wooden embroidery hoop for it at Jo-Ann's.
I am done posting for today, but am off to work on some more patterns! I have a lot of stuff to post, so I should be back very soon. Have a nice day and a good rest of your week!

Monday, June 9, 2014

A Short Post to Finish a Pattern Set

Hello! Today is not very busy, and I am watching a lot of Netflix, so it seems like as good a time as any to get the RWBY pattern set finished up! I'm five giant patterns into the next set I'm going to start posting, which I am excited about, but I don't want to start that until I'm done with these patterns. Therefore, it's time to get these over with.

Today's pattern, which is the final one in the set, is Weiss's snowflake emblem, which I actually think is quite pretty. I don't think that it was supposed to be in this shade of blue at all, but I liked it, so that's how the pattern got made. It's another monochrome pattern, so it's no more difficult than the other three in that regard, but the pattern is a little more complex than the others are. Even if it takes a little longer to stitch, though, it shouldn't be too bad. Anyway, here's the pattern!

Anyway, I'm done for now! I'll be back with some of the new patterns that are taking up space on my desktop very soon, though, so until then, have a nice day!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Finished Project #5 for 2014!

Hello! This is going to be a short post, but this morning, I finally finished the needlepoint I'd been working on of Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time! I got the pattern a few weeks ago from Awenmir's cross stitch patterns website, Superstitch, when I was looking for a Sailor Moon pattern to start cross stitching. When I saw her Adventure Time patterns, though, it seemed like they'd be perfect for plastic canvas, so I started one of those instead.

I picked Princess Bubblegum out of all of the patterns mostly because I wanted to, and if I'd picked a different character, or stitched this on normal fabric, it may have been slightly more interesting. The hair especially involved giant chunks of half-stitching in coral yarn, and though I think it came out well, it wasn't always exciting. Awenmir's pattern came out perfectly, though, and the finished project is more impressively too-big than I'd expected. She's just a little bit under two feet tall, and after I cut her out, it seemed even cooler than it had while the project was still just stitched across the two pieces of 7-count plastic canvas. I used a lot of different yarn brands for this, but the belt and crown are in cross stitches while the rest is just in half stitches. I also stitched around the outside after I cut her out, just because I think that looks nicer. Anyway, here is a photo of the finished needlepoint project!
I am done posting for today, though I have a lot of upcoming patterns that I'm pretty excited about posting. Tomorrow or the next day, I'll probably finish up the RWBY pattern set, and from there, I have two new pattern sets that I'm working on, along with an unnecessarily complicated sprite pattern that I'm quite proud of having made. Until then, I hope you guys have a nice end to all of your weekends!

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Final Kuroko's Basketball Sprite Patterns

Hello! I had a busy day and am kind of sleepy, so obviously, doing a blog post is currently the best thing that I can do. I'm trying to finish up the pattern sets that I'm currently posting, though, so I can get started on some new ones, making this midnight post completely practical and reasonable.

Today's end-of-a-pattern-set includes the last three Kuroko's Basketball sprite patterns! I still have not watched this anime, so if you are a fan of the series reading this, I apologize for any wild name misspellings that you may see in the coming chunk of text. Still, even though I am unfamiliar with the show these characters are from, these patterns were fun to make. The basketball team uniforms were similar enough to make them look like a nice set, but, unlike a group of characters in school uniforms, there were enough differences between them to make the patterns pretty distinct from one another. Plus, it's always fun to make characters with goofy rainbow hair. Some of the spikes and parts made for an interesting challenge, too, and even if I did spend an extreme amount of time trying to place three dark red pixels while designing one of these, I'm happy with how it came out.

To finish the set, I have patterns of Seijuro and Taiga, two red-haired guys who, from my extensive research, seem good glaring at people. I also have a sprite pattern of the legally required guy with a conservative hairstyle who stares over the top of his glasses, Shintarou. There's nothing out of the ordinary about any of these patterns, so no matter what craft you need them for, I hope that they can be put to good use!

I have nothing more for tonight, since I'm too lazy to take photos of any of my WIPs. I'll be back with more stuff soon, though, so until then, have a nice day!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Another RWBY Pattern and Some Plastic Canvas Stuff I'm Making

Hello! It seems like, since I have the set of RWBY monochrome symbol/logo/emblem patterns done, I should actually get them posted. This is mostly because I know that some of you guys are stitching them, but also because I am starting a new set of big patterns for an anime that I'm actually watching and need to get this out of the way before I get started posting those. Therefore, I am posting the third pattern in the set today! This is a moderately sized monochrome cross stitch chart of a weird fire heart thing, that, according to a friend who watches this show, is very accurately done, and it is yellow because it goes with a magical girl that has a lot of yellow on her character design. The pattern says that her name is Yang, so I'm going to assume that I was correct when I labeled it. Anyway, this is the same size as the other RWBY patterns, since I designed them as a set, so if you've been stitching them, you pretty much know what to expect. Here is the next to last pattern in this set!
Anyway, with that posted, it's time to post about my WIPs, which today, will take a bit longer than usual! Last night, I found a stack of cut plastic canvas pieces with a bunch of sprites from Neo Geo Pocket Color fighting games stitched on them. I don't remember when I did any of these, but I know that no one else made them, so it's not much of a mystery. The first piece, which is mostly finished, features Mai and Akari's sprites from SNK Gals' Fighter. I need to get another ball of white Red Heart yarn before I can finish Mai, which shouldn't be a challenge, but Akari is actually finished, which is cool. I might cut her out and stitch around her edges either tonight or in the next couple of days.

Past that first page, however, was the more impressive part of the abandoned project. I found four outlined sprites from the Neo Geo Pocket Color ports of the Last Blade games, featuring Kaede, Zanetsu, Akari (again, but it's a different sprite, so obviously, it's not crazy), and Setsuna. What's even better is that with these unfinished stitches, I found patterns for almost the entire cast of the games! I found the last few on an old computer which, considering the fact that I'd taken some of these from screenshots and stuff like that, made me very happy. I have no idea why I would need a plastic canvas stitching of every character from the portable versions of the Last Blade games, but I'm going to do it anyway. The fact that I already started the project makes it even better!
Here are Akari (top left) and Mai (bottom left) with Kaede's outline to the right-

- and here are Zanetsu, to the left, and Akari again, on the top right, and Setsuna, maniacally laughing in the bottom right corner.

Aside from finding and not actually working on these Neo Geo Pocket sprites last night, I've been working on the Princess Bubblegum pattern that I got from Awenmir's nifty cross stitch patterns site. This project is almost two feet tall, so for a while, it was too hot to work on her. Now that the air conditioning is on, though, I think that I'll have her finished pretty soon.

Now that I have all of that posted, I am done for now. I have a lot of patterns in reserve, though, and am working on new ones, too. I'll be back with another post very soon! Until then, good luck with your crafts and stuff!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

More Weird Sanrio Characters for Crafts!

Hello! I just finished playing Smash Bros. Melee with my siblings, which involved all four of us playing a two stock match as the same character for every character in the game. We do not have all of the characters unlocked right now, and it still took forever. It's also really confusing to play with eight tiny little Ice Climbers on screen, especially if you get stuck in the dinky Termina stage for that match. Most of all, though, by the time you get down to Marth and Roy, all while realizing that as you played, you unlocked Dr. Mario and have to go back to the top for one last match, it just gets kind of boring. All of us persevered and succeeded, though, and now the Game Cube has been turned off.

Anyway, after all of that, I decided it was time to do a blog post. I've been doing cross stitch patterns of some of the less popular Sanrio characters lately, so today, I have a lovely, full color portrait-style pattern of the company's scrappy Depression-era Broadway kids, The Vaudeville Duo. I'm not sure what led to these characters getting their own product line, though the concept is better than that of House Train. They're cute, though, and as I've been working on this pattern in plastic canvas, it's coming out really well. I hope that you guys like the pattern, too! It's not too big, and the colors aren't very complicated, so it should be a quick project.

If any of you are curious about how this pattern looks when someone has made moderate progress in stitching it, here is a picture of what I have done to it, with craft thread on 10-count plastic canvas. The bold outlines look really cool so far, so I'm hoping that's still true once I add some color to it.
I'm done posting for now, but I have enough patterns done and sprites to chart that I should be back with another post very soon! Until then, enjoy the end of your weekend!