Monday, June 23, 2014

A Polar Bear Engaging in Tourist Activities

Hello! I really have no good reason to blog tonight, but I figured that it would be a good time to stop misusing Instagram (my profile is at this link if you want to see my nonsense!), where I chronicled a heart-stopping game of Settlers of Catan with a lot of filter abuse, and start misusing my blog, like I usually do! I'm tired and unambitious, though, so this probably won't be a huge post.  Later this week, I have some nifty sprite patterns for you guys, but for tonight, I have a new Polar Bear Cafe pattern.

I finished outlining my giant plastic canvas pattern of Panda the other day, and it went a lot more quickly than I'd expected! I still need to fill it in, but that shouldn't be too bad. Once I got it trimmed and ready to fill in, though, I started outlining my giant plastic canvas of Polar Bear, the owner of the titular cafe. In my pattern, Polar Bear is dressed up like a tourist, partially because I like when Polar Bear and Panda dress as tourists, but more because the Hawaiian shirt in blue takes away from the massive chunks of white I would have to stitch otherwise. I think it's cute, though, so I hope that you guys do, too! This is narrower than Panda, but taller, so I think they'll take about the same amount of time to stitch if you want to do both of them. Anyway, here is today's fancy cross stitch pattern!

I want to go play stupid match-3 games on Facebook, so I am done for tonight! I'm working on some sprite patterns that I'm pretty excited about posting, though, so I'll be back very soon. Until then, good luck with your crafty stuff!

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  1. Cool polar bear! Thank you for sharing.
    As for instagram - I never really got into it. But will check it out.
    Thank you again! I like your patterns. :)