Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Another RWBY Pattern and Some Plastic Canvas Stuff I'm Making

Hello! It seems like, since I have the set of RWBY monochrome symbol/logo/emblem patterns done, I should actually get them posted. This is mostly because I know that some of you guys are stitching them, but also because I am starting a new set of big patterns for an anime that I'm actually watching and need to get this out of the way before I get started posting those. Therefore, I am posting the third pattern in the set today! This is a moderately sized monochrome cross stitch chart of a weird fire heart thing, that, according to a friend who watches this show, is very accurately done, and it is yellow because it goes with a magical girl that has a lot of yellow on her character design. The pattern says that her name is Yang, so I'm going to assume that I was correct when I labeled it. Anyway, this is the same size as the other RWBY patterns, since I designed them as a set, so if you've been stitching them, you pretty much know what to expect. Here is the next to last pattern in this set!
Anyway, with that posted, it's time to post about my WIPs, which today, will take a bit longer than usual! Last night, I found a stack of cut plastic canvas pieces with a bunch of sprites from Neo Geo Pocket Color fighting games stitched on them. I don't remember when I did any of these, but I know that no one else made them, so it's not much of a mystery. The first piece, which is mostly finished, features Mai and Akari's sprites from SNK Gals' Fighter. I need to get another ball of white Red Heart yarn before I can finish Mai, which shouldn't be a challenge, but Akari is actually finished, which is cool. I might cut her out and stitch around her edges either tonight or in the next couple of days.

Past that first page, however, was the more impressive part of the abandoned project. I found four outlined sprites from the Neo Geo Pocket Color ports of the Last Blade games, featuring Kaede, Zanetsu, Akari (again, but it's a different sprite, so obviously, it's not crazy), and Setsuna. What's even better is that with these unfinished stitches, I found patterns for almost the entire cast of the games! I found the last few on an old computer which, considering the fact that I'd taken some of these from screenshots and stuff like that, made me very happy. I have no idea why I would need a plastic canvas stitching of every character from the portable versions of the Last Blade games, but I'm going to do it anyway. The fact that I already started the project makes it even better!
Here are Akari (top left) and Mai (bottom left) with Kaede's outline to the right-

- and here are Zanetsu, to the left, and Akari again, on the top right, and Setsuna, maniacally laughing in the bottom right corner.

Aside from finding and not actually working on these Neo Geo Pocket sprites last night, I've been working on the Princess Bubblegum pattern that I got from Awenmir's nifty cross stitch patterns site. This project is almost two feet tall, so for a while, it was too hot to work on her. Now that the air conditioning is on, though, I think that I'll have her finished pretty soon.

Now that I have all of that posted, I am done for now. I have a lot of patterns in reserve, though, and am working on new ones, too. I'll be back with another post very soon! Until then, good luck with your crafts and stuff!

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