Sunday, June 1, 2014

More Weird Sanrio Characters for Crafts!

Hello! I just finished playing Smash Bros. Melee with my siblings, which involved all four of us playing a two stock match as the same character for every character in the game. We do not have all of the characters unlocked right now, and it still took forever. It's also really confusing to play with eight tiny little Ice Climbers on screen, especially if you get stuck in the dinky Termina stage for that match. Most of all, though, by the time you get down to Marth and Roy, all while realizing that as you played, you unlocked Dr. Mario and have to go back to the top for one last match, it just gets kind of boring. All of us persevered and succeeded, though, and now the Game Cube has been turned off.

Anyway, after all of that, I decided it was time to do a blog post. I've been doing cross stitch patterns of some of the less popular Sanrio characters lately, so today, I have a lovely, full color portrait-style pattern of the company's scrappy Depression-era Broadway kids, The Vaudeville Duo. I'm not sure what led to these characters getting their own product line, though the concept is better than that of House Train. They're cute, though, and as I've been working on this pattern in plastic canvas, it's coming out really well. I hope that you guys like the pattern, too! It's not too big, and the colors aren't very complicated, so it should be a quick project.

If any of you are curious about how this pattern looks when someone has made moderate progress in stitching it, here is a picture of what I have done to it, with craft thread on 10-count plastic canvas. The bold outlines look really cool so far, so I'm hoping that's still true once I add some color to it.
I'm done posting for now, but I have enough patterns done and sprites to chart that I should be back with another post very soon! Until then, enjoy the end of your weekend!

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