Thursday, June 12, 2014

Starting a Set of Polar Bear Cafe Patterns and Finished Project #6!

Hello! I am not very enthusiastic about actually writing a post today, but I do want to get one done, so that's why I am currently blogging! I have some new pattern sets to get started on, which I am excited about, and I finished another project, too, which I will have in the second half of this post.

Anyway, while I was making the plastic canvas Princess Bubblegum that I posted last week, I thought that it might be fun to have some more giant patterns that didn't use all that many colors for future plastic canvas projects. Polar Bear Cafe, a sitcom anime about a polar bear who runs a cafe, seemed like it had a lot of cute characters that would work well for such a pattern set. I've done five patterns for this set so far, including four animals and the human waitress, and there's at least one more that I know I would like to make. For today, though, I am starting the set off with Panda, mostly because, as Panda would say, he's so cute!

This cross stitch pattern is big, and has some massive chunks of dark gray and off white, but even though it won't necessarily be a fast project, it should be a pretty easy one. I started it this morning, and only have Panda's head outlined, but aside from my inability to count properly, it has not caused me any major problems. The panda purse should be the only part of it that's even moderately difficult, so this could make for a nice beginner stitching project. No matter what you use this for, though, I hope that you guys like this pattern!
With today's pattern posted, it's time to post a show-off photo of my sixth finished stitching project for the year! I was posting some WIP photos of this when I was working on it more frequently, but I finally finished my stitched version of the pattern of Kyuubey from Madoka Magica that I posted a while ago. Making this kind of sucked, since I didn't think the fact that I'd have to stitch all of the white through before I started it, but now that I'm done, I'm pretty happy with it! I like my photo of it, too, which is pretty rare for me. I left it uncropped because I like that you can see the pattern of Panda I was getting ready to start on under the finished project.

This was stitched onto 11-count Aida cloth with two strands of embroidery floss. I used a lot of brands of floss on this, and don't remember what all of them were, though the rings around his ears are done in satin floss. I got the wooden embroidery hoop for it at Jo-Ann's.
I am done posting for today, but am off to work on some more patterns! I have a lot of stuff to post, so I should be back very soon. Have a nice day and a good rest of your week!


  1. Great finish and very nice Panda.

  2. The panda is so cute and I love your finish XD

  3. your Kyuubey looks great! I'm looking forward to seeing the other characters :)