Thursday, July 10, 2014

2014's 7th Finished Project: The Little Twin Stars, Round One

Hello! Last year, on a day when I was not feeling very well, I made a surprisingly coherent post about a Little Twin Stars cross stitch flier that I'd ordered used from Amazon. I was really excited about getting it, because I am an easily impressed dork that's way too into Sanrio rubbish, but had not managed to actually finish any of the patterns included in the book. When I made that post in October, that was reasonable, since I'd just gotten the book that day and had classes and stuff to deal with. After a while, though, it just got kind of ridiculous. Yesterday, however, I fixed that by finally completing one of the many patterns included in the lovely cross stitch booklet. I think that I started this in October, which should tell you how fast I am at stitching and what a brilliant attention span I have.

Behold, my stitched version of Linda Dennis' pattern of the Little Twin Stars taking a nap on a moon that someone has unwisely tied a star to with a ribbon! (Really, this could cause problems. The moon looks kind of flimsy, and that star is big enough that it could tip it over and send Kiki and Lala flying. Plus, it might be gravitationally unsound. The Twin Stars must be awfully callous to just nap next to a potential intergalactic disaster.)
Because I am not a good photographer, you guys get to see the version of this that got run through an Instagram filter, as that site gives me a slight confidence boost regarding the appearance of my photos. However, I think that it is still a pretty clear image. I stitched this onto light blue 14-count with mostly non-DMC brands of embroidery floss, backstitching it with a navy blue that actually ended up being visually distinguishable from black. I then put it into a 7-inch wooden embroidery hoop so that I can decorate my campus apartment in the fall, along with an increasingly bizarre collection of other finished stitchings.

Eventually, I would like to stitch the entire Little Twin Stars cross stitch patterns flier, because it would please me to do so. I plan to start working towards that goal sometime this weekend. I haven't chosen which pattern to do next, though, so it is just as likely that I'll get all excited about picking a pattern, get distracted, and then do something else. Either way, it should be fun!

In a few days, I should be back with another patterns post, but until then, good luck with your own crafting projects! I hope that you guys are at least a little more focused than I am about getting projects done.


  1. Oh yeah, I remember you getting that book! That's a really adorkable pattern you stitched. This is blowing my mind, though. they're either SUPER HUGE, or the Moon is in fact, really small. I am going to go with that they are super huge so I don't have to reverse years of school teaching me that the moon is a lot bigger than it appears in the sky.

  2. BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!! How many strands of floss do you use on 10 count plastic canvas ? Have a great night !!!

    1. Thank you! With 10 count plastic canvas, I usually use either all six strands or the craft thread that gets sold for friendship bracelets, but thin yarn works, too.

  3. Aww they're so cute! At this angle, it looks like the littlest star is going to pop off the cloth!

    Focused on getting projects done? What is this blasphemy. :D