Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Fancy Portrait Pattern of a Sailor Moon Supporting Cast Member

Hello! I just spent two and a half hours doing XML markup of poems about Abraham Lincoln and his mother, so I felt like it was time to do some blogging here! I'm kind of trying to clean up all the still-to-post patterns that are sitting on my desktop, so today, I'm going to start posting a new set of portrait patterns.

When Viz announced earlier this summer that they were going to stream the old episodes of Sailor Moon with shiny new subtitles, I got all excited and wanted to make some cross stitch patterns for Sailor Moon characters. However, patterns of the Sailor Scouts themselves are not exactly hard to come by, so I wanted to do patterns for some of the less major characters. So far, I've done patterns of Ves Ves and Cere Cere, two of the girls from the Amazoness Quartet, the circus girl bad guys from the season where they have all of the weird dream mirror stuff (it may not be a perfect description, but it makes as much sense as anything would), and I'd like to make the other two girls from the group, too. Really, though, there's enough stuff out there that I could keep doing a set of portrait patterns of Sailor Moon characters for quite a long time, so I don't know how long I will drag this out. If there are any characters you'd especially like to see, though, let me know!

For today, I'm posting the pattern of Cere Cere because she has the advantage of having pink hair, which I like today. As far as my portrait patterns go, there's nothing too out of the ordinary about this, though her hair rings take up so much of the pattern that she might be faster to stitch than some of the others that I've posted. I like this pattern, though, and hope that some of you guys do, too!
I am done posting for today, but I sill have quite a bit of stuff to post, including a ton of sprite patterns that I still need to get onto cross stitch charts. I'm almost done with a project from the Little Twin Stars cross stitch flier that I posted about a while back, too, so I will probably have a photo post about that tomorrow. Until my next post, good luck with whatever crafts that you're working on!


  1. She is so cool! I love the Amazoness Quartet, Cere Cere looks great :-)