Sunday, July 20, 2014

Little Twin Stars x Robotech Because This Is My Blog and I Do What I Want

Hello! I haven't posted here for over a week, possibly because I am lazy, and now that I am posting, it is to put up an incredibly specific-interest pattern that I made for a plastic canvas project. It's cute, though, so hopefully, that compensates for the project's narrow focus!

So, I was looking at some Sanrio crossover stuff, like when they did the Sanrio x Street Fighter project line, and it occurred to me that I would be a happier person if I had some Sanrio x Robotech cross stitch patterns. Despite the fact that this is a fine idea, it did not previously exist, so I had to do it myself. Though I could go on for ages about the process of making this pattern happen, the end product was a cross stitch pattern of one of the Little Twin Stars dressed as Lisa Hayes. My original drawing had both of them, but the one dressed as Rick looked weird and blobby headed, so I only made the Lisa one into a pattern.

Before I post this, I have to preface it with the fact that I drew this at around midnight, so using the actual outfit became secondary to drawing an outfit that looked "Robotech-y." I cannot actually explain what that means now that I followed that drawing up with a good night's sleep, but I kept the color scheme and a lot of the details right, so I am okay with it. Really, as long as I got Lisa's bizarre hairstyle right, things were going to be okay, and I did, so I am happy with this pattern.

The style and size of this pattern are pretty close to the not-made-up-because-I-wanted-them Sanrio patterns that I've posted. She's 70 stitches tall, with a pleasant pastel color scheme, but the colors are simple enough that if you want to change them, it should be no problem. This also should not take too long to stitch.
I am going to start stitching this very soon, but I have done a couple of other drawings of Sanrio mascots done up like characters from sci-fi anime and it does not get more normal from here. You guys will be subjected to those soon enough.

Anyway, I am tired and done for tonight, but will be back soon because I enjoy this nonsense. Until then, best of luck with all of your crafting stuff!

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