Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Penguins All Over This Blog (A Cross Stitch Pattern and 2014's Finished Project #6)

Hello! This Thursday is this blog's 6th Annual Heal Slime Day, which I, surprisingly, am almost totally prepared for! I have my pattern done and, since I never have much to say then, anyway, should be able to do the post pretty well, too. For today, though, I have penguin stuff to post, which I suspect will be slightly more popular.

Today's cross stitch pattern is the next one in my set of giant Polar Bear Cafe patterns, featuring Penguin! Though it seems like it could be miserable to stitch, if you don't mind stitching a giant chunk of off white and having that be the majority of the project, this could be the pattern for you. I plan to make this anyway, since I'd like to make the entire set, but am not really looking forward to it.

Penguin is kind of a jerk, but, as far as this pattern set goes, he lacks the clothing and accessories that Panda and Polar Bear had, so if you could care less about sitcom anime but still really like penguins, this pattern could be acceptable for your more general purposes. It shouldn't be difficult to stitch, either, since there aren't many colors and, though it's a large pattern for this blog, it's not really too gigantic. Plus, I designed it so that I could stitch it on plastic canvas, so if you'd rather cross stitch it, it should be very easy. I don't have much else to say about Penguin's pattern, so I hope that you guys like it!
My other penguin-related aspect of this post is a needlepoint of Pingu that I made for my sister during a lot of TV watching on Sunday night. This is based on a sprite from a Pingu Game Boy game that I did a very small amount of recoloring on, so if you guys want the pattern, I can post it very easily. It took about four hours to stitch, trim, and put a yarn border on this, though, which was a bit more time consuming due to the white 7-count plastic canvas I was using.I had to stitch around the outside twice to hide all of the plastic peeking through. Thanks to Instagram, though, my photo of this looks relatively nice, mostly because I shoved a filter on top of it.
I'm done posting for today, but will be back Thursday for Heal Slime Day! Until then, have a nice day and good luck with your crafts!

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