Friday, August 1, 2014

A Monochrome Metropolis Pattern

Hello! Tonight I'm mostly just posting to be posting, so this won't be anything fancy. I do have a new pattern for you guys, though, so hopefully, that's something!

Last Saturday night, TCM showed Metropolis (the silent movie, not the anime), and I happily sat and watched it, even though I had seen it at least twice before. As had happened before, I ended up sitting around and making a cross stitch pattern based on it after the movie was over. Last time, I made sprite patterns for Freder and Maria, which I still need to make, but this weekend, I did a monochrome portrait pattern of the movie's machine-man, which seems to me to look more like a woman, but I'm not the mad scientist here, so what do I know?

I have stitched pattern this twice in the less-than-a-week since I made it, so I can safely say that it is a quick stitch that comes out very well when done in specialty floss. I'll have photos to prove it in a few days, when I am less lazy, but until then, I can tell you that she can be stitched in just a few hours and looks very nice in an embroidery hoop. With that crucial information given, here is tonight's pattern!
I am done posting for tonight, but as always, I have more patterns and have not quit making them! Have a nice day, and good luck with your crafts!