Monday, September 15, 2014

More Polar Bear Cafe Stuff! Enjoy This Pattern of Sloth!

Hello! I haven't posted here since before school started again, so my last post was over a month ago. It's my first semester as a history major, since I wanted to get my MA at the school I was already attending, and so far, it is busy. Luckily, though, studying history involves a lot of reading and analyzing books and then writing reviews of them, so a good deal of my skills as an English student were transferable.

Anyway, tonight, I should be reading the last 50 pages of a book on the legalities of citizenship in the post-Revolutionary United States, and I may still do that before I go to bed. Right now, however, I am continuing posting the set of Polar Bear Cafe patterns that I started several months back. I only have two of these left, but tonight, I will be posting the lovely Sloth! Sloth is the least major of the characters I've featured in these patterns, but I like him, so he got a chart anyway.

This is a big pattern with a low color count, so I think it should work pretty well for plastic canvas, if that is what you want to do with it. Otherwise, it's a pretty standard, low-stress cross stitch pattern. It's the smallest of the Polar Bear Cafe patterns, too, mostly because Sloth is smaller than most of the other characters.
For tonight, I am done posting, but I'm working on some nifty requested patterns that should be up soon, and getting ahead on stuff for Sprite Patterns December, too! I might still be kind of slow for a while, but I'll do my best to post more often than I have been.

Have a nice start to your week, and good luck with whatever stuff you're working on!