Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Lovely Pattern From an Anime I Don't Really Watch

Hello! I have a new pattern to post today from an anime that I am not a big fan of! One of my brothers had a birthday on Monday, and I'm making him a cross stitch of the Garrison Regiment symbol from Attack on Titan. When I was working on the stupid looking first version of this, my friends were kind of like, "Oh, wow, Attack on Titan! Didn't you love when blah-blah-blah happened? Isn't so and so really cool?" I responded to these things with a polite, "Oh, I'm not really into that show," rather than launching into the, "Nothing about this show is any fun whatsoever! If I'm watching anime, I want pop stars and robots and mascot characters, and probably a bunch of outer space stuff, too, and an unreasonable amount of bright colors!" or the even dorkier, "They stole SNK's acronym! Do you know how much disappointment it causes to click on stuff expecting fighting games and then getting a stupid picture of a giant no-skin guy?" tirades. This is so bizarre, apparently, that twice in casual conversation, I have heard it brought up by other people, unprompted, that I do not like Attack on Titan.

That being said, my cross stitch pattern for today turned out pretty well. I started this with a different pattern, but it looked weird when I actually worked on it, so I had to make a new pattern and start over. It's not very big, at less than 100 by 100 stitches, and it has simple colors in big chunks, so I think it'll be fast to stitch. If the Garrison Regiment is, in fact, a thing, or an Attack on Titan thing that you have allegiance, too, I hope that you enjoy stitching this! I kind of want to make a pattern of the one with the unicorn on it, too, which will require further research on my part if I want to know what it actually is.
For today, this is all I have, but I've been working on patterns for Sprite Patterns December, which is coming up very soon! I think I have a set ready to go for the first few days that, while it was never actually requested, is not something really weird and obscure, so I hope you guys like it! I still have some big patterns finished, too, so I might post those between now and then. Until then, have a nice day and good luck with your crafts!