Friday, December 12, 2014

Sprite Patterns December Day 12: I Quit Caring, Robotech Time!!!

Hello! Today was a fun day. I had work most of the day, and got to take home the remnants of the fruit tray, which is great, and finished all of my work for one of my three classes! I also had a minor temporary hair dying event (it's a loose definition of the term event) and dyed a bright pink and red streak in my hair, which I followed by going to the student life center and drawing a super-awesome Robotech fan art on a piece of stretched canvas. It will take me forever to finish it, but I will show off the start in a moment!

For now, I'm all hyped up about Robotech, because I'm super cool, so I'm going to post some alternate outfit sprite patterns of Lisa and Minmei that I made a while back! I don't think anyone really wants these, but I like them, so I'm posting them. Enjoy!

Okay, as promised, I'm now going to show you my lovely piece of art I've started, featuring second season heroine Dana Sterling! I chose to draw her because she has puffy hair and looks super-80s, but am happy with how it's turning out. Right now, I am stuck at, "Huh. Now what?" but I'll figure it out.
Now that you're done admiring how great and talented I am, I am going to leave for tonight! I'll get back to the Fire Emblem patterns tomorrow, though! Until then, have a lovely night!

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