Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sprite Patterns December Day 16: Macross Plus, Which You All Should Have Seen Coming

Hello! Today was kind of a weird day, so I don't have a very long post. Last night, however, I started a lovely new pattern set of the characters from Macross Plus, and I'm pretty excited to start posting that, even as all of you slowly shake your heads in shame. (You probably should save that for later in the month, when I get to Macross II.) I only have two patterns of the five or six I'm planning for this set done so far, so in the interest of being able to finish my paper without any stress tomorrow, I'm only posting one of them. It's of Sharon Apple, though, because if I'm going to start a pattern set with any character from this, it's gonna be the virtual idol singer who went nuts and made a guy fly his aircraft so high that he exploded his own head. (This anime is almost 20 years old, so I don't feel too bad about spoilers. I don't know if this scene was only for the movie version, though, because it was kind of intense.) The only unusual thing about this pattern is the paleness level of the skin, but because she's a hologram, I wanted to match how washed out she looked on screen with this pattern. Other than that, this is pretty standard.

Anyway, I'll have another post tomorrow, probably with more of this, but I'm still working on the Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones patterns, too. See you then!

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