Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sprite Patterns December Day 18: Fighting Games! Woo!

Hello! I had a not-so-great afternoon and evening and then forgot about this blog until now. I still don't really want to do it, so I'm digging into my reserve of fighting game patterns!! The two characters I have from this tonight are Shiki, a character introduced to Samurai Shodown way after people cared and used in a bunch of later SNK fighters, and Bang Shishigami from Blazblue, who I thought I posted a year ago but apparently did not.

I'm okay with these patterns, despite the fact that Blazblue, as always, has characters with the stupidest outfits possible, and it's fun to post fighting game stuff. Enjoy!

I have fulfilled my obligation to this blog for tonight, so I am leaving! See you tomorrow!

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