Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sprite Patterns December Day 2: More Bob's Burgers Patterns!

Hello! Today has been busy and kind of weird, but I just got back from the cafeteria, where I ate clam chowder with people who talked about Oreo-Os and, as I was leaving, my brother gave me a bottle of Ocean Spray that I think he bought accidentally. Since the day started with a nurse being really annoyed by the fact that she had to give me directions to the doctor's office I was supposed to go to after it had moved out of the building close to campus, the cereal and beverages stuff was a definite improvement.

Today, I have the second part of the Bob's Burgers pattern set, featuring Louise, Tina, and Gene! I'm pretty happy with all three of these patterns, and after all of the nice comments that you guys left yesterday, I'm happy to be posting them! None of them should be very hard to stitch, and all of the colors are so basic that they should be really easy to replace if you don't have the exact one listed. I think Louise's pattern might be bigger than normal, but that's just because the ears on her hat are really tall. I hope that you guys like these patterns!

With these patterns posted, I am done for today, and have a pretty good idea as to what set I'll spend the next two days posting! If you guys have any stuff you'd like to see later in the month, though, let me know in the comments! Until then, have a nice day and good luck with your crafty stuff!


  1. Now that you've done Bob, would you be willing to make sprites for the characters of Archer (voiced by the same guy that vices Bob)? My other half is obsessed with Archer, so I could easily make him all the characters and say that it took such a long time *wink*.

    1. Hello! I am looking for more sets to make, and like the idea of that, because then I can call a post, "GRILL ME A CHEESE!" How extensive do you want the set to be?

    2. As extensive as you can, please. We've watched every episode and his phone alert is Archer whisper-screaming "Danger zone" and every time I ask him if he's hungry he replies with "Are you not?" He's so obsessed.