Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sprite Patterns December Day 24: More Durarara Rubbish

Hello! I don't have any special Christmas or Christmas Eve patterns this year, because Sprite Patterns December has gotten out of my control. I need to do better preparation next year. For today, though, I have two new Durarara patterns, featuring Izaya Orihara, who people may actually want, and Mika Harima, who was a lunatic in a cute outfit. I think I may have made Mika look too much like a Pokemon trainer, but she might just look that way in the anime, too.

Here are the patterns!
I'm done for today, because it's Christmas Eve, I'm lazy, and I want to needlepoint some Space Invaders! I'll be back tomorrow, though, with more patterns! Bye! Have a lovely night!

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