Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sprite Patterns December Day 27: The Easiest Pattern of the Month

Hello! Today, I was at McDonalds, eating a Bacon McDouble with a lovely caramel latte, and I was thinking that, if I made patterns of the Avengers and the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy, it would also make sense if I made the cast of Big Hero 6. This was not for thematic reasons so much as it was that my desk at school will be good with Groot on it, but with Groot and Baymax on it, it will be possibly the best desk in the entire university. I spent the afternoon doing all of the main characters, though, and despite the fact that they have some really detailed outfits, I think that they turned out really well! I am going to spend the next few days inflicting them on you guys.

I ended up with seven patterns in this set, because I did two versions of Baymax, so today I'm posting the basic version because I would like to stitch it tonight. This is bigger than a normal sprite pattern, but it's the easiest pattern I've posted all month, so I'm not worried about that. Some of the other patterns in this set are going to be pretty difficult, I think, but this should balance it out.

I'm done for today, because I want to finish my Idolm@ster needlepoint and start stitching this, but I'll be continuing this set tomorrow! Have a lovely night, and I'll see you guys tomorrow!

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  1. I still haven't seen this movie, but Baymax is adorable in the trailers.