Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sprite Patterns December Day 28: More Big Hero 6 Patterns

Hello! Last night, I was working very slowly, so I have not yet finished stitching Baymax. I am quite disappointed in myself, but no amount of suffering on my part will stop another day of sprite patterns.

I'm actually not very upset at all, and it looks like I'll finish my project tonight. Plus, I have two more spiffy Big Hero 6 patterns for you guys today. For today, I'm posting Wasabi and Honey Lemon, which are probably the two least impressive patterns in the set. I have nothing against them, but in terms of fanciness, they don't have kaiju suits or leg wheels, so tomorrow's post is definitely going to be more intense. These are pretty detailed patterns with piles of colors, though, so though they're not out of the ordinary in terms of size or style, they might be a little more difficult than normal. All of the pinks and purples in Honey Lemon's pattern seem like they'll be especially annoying to get right. I'm still happy with these patterns, though, and hope that you like them, too!

With those posted, I'm done for today and am going to go back to stitching for a while! I'm getting a Playstation TV in the mail tomorrow, so I at least want to get Baymax done before I get the shiny new game machine. Have a good night, and best of luck with all of your craft stuff!

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