Monday, December 29, 2014

Sprite Patterns December Day 29: Over Half Done With the Big Hero 6 Set

Hello! This morning, while watching a lot of episodes of Parks and Recreation, I finished stitching Baymax! Look upon this wondrous piece of plastic canvas art and praise me! (I don't mean that, but I am very happy with how this came out. It ended up being a fine craft project.)

With that posted, I have two more patterns in the Big Hero 6 set to post today! Today, I have Fred in his kaiju suit, and I'm considering stitching a standee of this pattern to display next to my standee of Newt from Pacific Rim, because I think that they'd be great friends. I can hear my sister yelling "nerd!" about this already. I also have Go Go's pattern, though I think the wheels on her arms and legs make her look like she's from this PS2 game I played when I had chicken pox where it was a racing game, but the cars were people and everyone had their butts up in the air. I don't remember what that game was called, but I know that it existed. Both of these patterns are kind of oversized and have a lot of colors, so they might not be really easy to stitch, but they should come out well. Enjoy them!

Tomorrow, I'm going to finish this set up, and then only one day will be left in the month! It's been kind of a slog this year, so I'm glad I'm almost done. I hope you guys have liked some of the patterns, though! Have a good day!


  1. Love how Baymax turned out! And Newt and Fred would totally be friends. :D

  2. Baymax looks great ~ your December was super productive (and now I feel like a total slacker...)