Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sprite Patterns December Day 6: The Last of the Happy Days

Hello! My attention span is very bad today. Making charts for the patterns for today involved such things as reading Click Hole for a very long time, going to get Chinese food, finding a book about the history of video games written during the 1980s on Hardcore Gaming 101, considering making more patterns for later in the week, reading several old posts on a different blog, doing a good amount of schoolwork, changing the theme on my phone, and some blank staring at the dry erase board behind my computer. I am not productive when I am sleepy. Eventually, though, I got today's patterns done, so I can finish the set of Happy Days charts!

For today, I have patterns of Fonzie, Ralph, and the actually requested Potsie. I actually just made Ralph because I'd been asked to make Potsie and it seemed stupid not to make Fonzie, meaning that I might as well finish the group. His pattern ended up being the most complicated, though, because on Wednesday, it seemed like a good idea to give a sprite pattern an argyle sweater vest. Fonzie's pattern is the best of them, though, with Potsie just kind of being there. Anyway, here are the patterns!

I'm finally done with this blog for today, and am ready to start a new set tomorrow, featuring characters from a popular movie that came out this summer. I do want to warn you guys, though, that last night, I watched Macross Plus, which featured a virtual idol singer that wanted to murder people, so you shall have to face the consequences of my viewing choices before the end of the month and possibly before the end of next week. (Also, no, I am not sorry about spoiling an anime that is 20 years old.) Until tomorrow, best of luck with your crafts! After that, I don't care what happens.


  1. After that, you don't care what happens. So do you have a test on Monday? :-) Nice set, I think I like Fonzie best. Looking forward to tomorrow, and the day after.

    1. No, I was just being snarky, but am too sleepy to do it properly- I do have to listen to two hours of presentations, but I'm pretty much done with my Monday class! Also, thanks! I don't remember if I told you what the next set was or not, but it should not be anything that is terribly surprising for anyone.