Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sprite Patterns December Day 7: It Is Groot!

Hello! I did a ton of homework today, so my brain is fried, but I have Guardians of the Galaxy patterns to start posting tonight, and I am excited about that. For tonight, I'm posting Rocket Raccoon and Groot, because I am very pleased with how these two patterns came out and want to show them off. Plus, for some reason, my sleepy brain does not like the way that "raccoon" is spelled, and I would like to stop dealing with that as soon as possible.

Both of these patterns are of about the same difficulty, though neither of them quite follow my standard sprite pattern template. Groot is quite a bit taller than a normal pattern, but only has four colors, and though Rocket is small, he has quite a few colors to deal with. The proportions of the two of them next to each other are not quite right, but if I'd made Groot bigger, he'd tip over when stitched as a standee. I'd say something about making Rocket smaller, but really, I was just too lazy to deal with that. Anyway, here are the patterns!

I'll have the other three patterns in this set ready to post tomorrow, and from there, I seriously do not know what I'll be posting! I'll think of something, though! Anyway, I'm off to watch TV, do crafts, and stay awake for a couple more hours. Have a lovely evening!

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