Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sprite Patterns December Day 9: Smash Bros Characters With Giant Heads

Hello! Originally, tonight I was going to post a super-cool and great pattern of Samus, but I keep screwing up trying to make the charts tonight, so you can't have her.

That's right! Samus had too many colors, and I'm typing badly, so now you suffer. You are at my whims! I control the cross stitch patterns, and if I say Samus will be posted tomorrow, you must wait for her!

Also, tomorrow, I'll have both normal Samus and Zero Suit Samus, so she'll get her own post. Still, if you were counting on having that pattern tonight, I am not sorry, and I smile at your childish impatience. Live another day without a simplified pattern of Samus and know that, in a kinder world, I could have given her to you.

Okay, so anyway, for today I have two different patterns of characters in the Smash Bros games that I think came out to be really cute! I wanted to try some characters that had been really difficult in the past, which is actually why I made the Samus pattern that you guys CAN'T HAVE YET. For today, though, I'm posting some patterns of Ness and the Ice Climbers that I also made last night! I think the Ness one came out better, but the Ice Climbers are more festive. I hope that you guys like these, though, even as you wonder why I am being so cruel as to withhold the Metroid charts!

As you may be able to tell, I am tired and loopy, so I am going to go for now! As you may have been able to guess, though, tomorrow I will be posting Samus! I may have more Smash Bros themed charts in the near future, too. Anyway, have a good night!

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