Thursday, February 19, 2015

Look, I'm Still Alive, Yay

Hello! I have not been posting here as much as I should lately, so I'm posting today. Things have been really busy lately! I started a new semester last month, which is enough, usually, but on top of that, I spent a few weeks in charge of one of my school's student life building offices at the same time. I've been done with that for a while, but it was still a lot of stuff.

This morning, I am making a gigantic amount of applesauce for a potluck tomorrow morning and posting to this blog. My pattern for today, which is another portrait pattern of a bad guy from Sailor Moon, is one that I've had on reserve for a while because I am still pretty lazy. I'm working on some Love Live School Idol Project patterns right now, as I am a sophisticate who likes action packed anime filled with conspiracy and intrigue (and they were requested, which makes it even better!), but it will be a few more days before those start popping up. For now, though, enjoy this pattern of Ves Ves from Sailor Moon, because I'm so set on making minor characters that I couldn't even be bothered to do a pattern of Queen Beryl like a normal person who decided to undertake this project would have done. She looks quite evil, so I think that people should stitch her and place her in their doorways to admonish all who enter in a sassy fashion.

Okay, I am done for today, but I should be back with more patterns eventually. Have a good weekend, and enjoy your crafts!


  1. Yay! Good to hear from you again and hope life settles down for you soon.

  2. Oh, I love her! She is looking marvelously sassy and evil, haha! Great pattern once again :-)

  3. I really would love to see ryuko matoi from kill la kill I'd love it so much plx

    1. What pattern size? I'm doing a lot of bigger patterns right now, if you want one like this.

  4. Woohoo! Looking forward to those Love Live patterns ;)

  5. Sorry it took me awill the small figure size the phantasy size