Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 24: A Comedy Robot From Space

Hello! Today, I am trying to avoid another 1:50 am post, because that kind of sucked, but also posting a new pattern that I made this morning and am very excited about. Earlier this week, I went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and thought that maybe I could get away with posting some sprite patterns from that here. I know that Star Wars is universally hated, so this is a big risk I'm taking, but really, it can't go over half as badly as the lose-10-followers pattern of Tai from Digimon.

Anyway, for today, I've made a pattern of BB-8, because it is a cute little robot that rolls around and beeps, and I want to get out a piece of perforated plastic canvas and make a stack of them in different colors and put them all over the place. This is a small and very easy pattern to stitch, and the biggest problem is that it's slightly off scale from the sprite pattern people that I've made. I didn't figure that actually mattered, though, so here is the pattern!

Now that I have posted that, I am done for today! Merry Christmas Eve! I should be back with another pattern tomorrow!

Sprite Patterns December Day 23: It's Before Midnight PST!!!

Hello! I slept badly last night, got up, went to work, drove two hours in crazy wind, and then played a lot of board games, so I am late. Have a sprite pattern of Mystique from X-Men! I found it amusing to make this. There's certainly not a lot of clothing detail here.

Okay, that's all! Hopefully, I will do less badly tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 22: The Text Is Better Than the Pattern

Hello! Today has been a pretty good day. I am doing my laundry, eating curry chicken wings, and later, I was lucky enough to find a local theater playing this small indie movie called Star Wars, so I think I'm going to go see that. Plus, last night we did a roommate Christmas gift exchange, which sounds normal enough, I'm sure. The thing is, we started it at 1:00am, so we were all a bit tired and loopy. One of my roommates both of us other roommates these lovely pen sets from Korea, and had us both test every pen. The red pen in my set didn't work, even after tons of scribbling, so she did the only reasonable thing, which was to grab a grill lighter, get the flame going, and stick the pen's tip in the fire. After a few seconds of, "I burned it... I burned the pen," as I thought, "yes, that is the thing that happens when you put a pen in fire," we tested it, and this made the pen work. It was a true Christmas miracle.

Anyway, for today, I have a sprite pattern of Hayato from Project Justice/Rival Schools. If you care about that, it will be easy to stitch, because his character design is not very complicated. If you don't, I'll have something different tomorrow.

I am done for today! I hope that you all have good evenings!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 21: More Kingdom Hearts Stuff

Hello! Thanks for all the comments yesterday! I appreciate it. I'm not upset about losing followers, but I'm confused about it, more than anything. Anyway, today I have another of the Kingdom Hearts patterns that someone requested a while back. This one is of someone named Terra, and he has really intense bell bottoms. This pattern also has a really high color count, so it might be a pain to make, but for those of you who like the character and game, I hope it's good!

I'm done posting for today, but will come up with something else for tomorrow. Have a good night!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 20: Another Day, Another Sora

Hello! I lost 10 followers last night, but don't feel like Tai was particularly controversial, so I think I'm going to blame Google for this one. Anyway, today I have a pattern of Sora, also from Digimon, that I'm really happy with. Judging by the quality of this pattern compared to yesterday's, I should lose about 20 or 30 followers before my next post. Blogger is confusing.

There is a pattern for today! I'll be back with something else tomorrow! Until then, have a nice night!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 19: Cross Stitch Friends to the Boys and the Girls

Hello! I am not getting ahead on patterns very well this month, but today am starting a new pattern set! For a long time, I have wanted to make Digimon sprite patterns, but felt that it would take a high level of skill at sprite patterns to get the giant hair and weird clothes right. I am still not sure I'm quite ready to work on this, but today, am starting with a pattern of Tai, from the first season of Digimon. I don't see the hair getting more intense than this, and if you do want to make this for yourself as a standee, it might be a challenge to stop him from tipping over. I think it came out okay, though, so here is the pattern!

I am going to take my inhaler and eat snacks, because Saturdays are wild around here. I'll be back with probably more Digimon tomorrow!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 18: More King of Fighters

Hello! I didn't sleep well last night, and my roommates and I just had a food party for some friends from India who are graduating and taking off, so I am not feeling coherent or attentive tonight! However, I've still got the pattern I was talking about last night, of Chris from King of Fighters! The whole Shermie/Yashiro/Chris team is kind of neglected, at least aside from Shermie, and looking closely at Yashiro and and Chris, I feel like their outfits make that reasonable. Chris's flared cropped t-shirt is confusing, and I'm not sure the white capri pants with high tops help his image. Still, I'm okay with this pattern, and hope you guys like it, too!

I am done for today, and don't exactly know what I'll post tomorrow. I'll have something, though! Have a good night, and a nice tomorrow, too!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 17: Unwarranted Excitement About Fighting Games

Hello! With finals finally over, tonight I made loaves of muffin bread and worked on cross stitch patterns! I am still kind of behind on patterns, so I'm only posting one again today, but hopefully, I can get things back in order soon.

Tonight, I started working on King of Fighters sprite patterns again, because I have my finger on the pulse of what crafters want. I know a lot of the characters that I still need to make, from some pretty prominent ones to some really obscure ones, even for King of Fighters. For today, though, I was working on some of the characters from earlier in the series, so I made Yashiro and Chris from King of Fighters '97. I'm not sure if my pattern of Chris is good enough yet or not, so I'm going to post it tomorrow, but I have Yashiro ready to post tonight. His outfit is weird, with some strange jacket  cropping and difficult to explain belts, but because he's from an older game, the color count is pretty low, meaning that this should be pretty easy to stitch if you want to.

I am done posting for now, but will have more stuff tomorrow! Until then, have a nice Friday!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 16: Finals are Over!

Hello! I finished all my final papers today, but my brain is still kind of fried, so this is not going to be a top caliber post. Tomorrow, though, I'm going to be baking stacks of quick bread from mixes I bought at Big Lots and making some King of Fighters cross stitch patterns! I have so many characters in mind that I want to make, because I consider exactly the same things that cool people do when it comes to crafts.

Anyway, tonight I have another Kingdom Hearts thing. Tonight it is of Ventus, who looks like Sora a lot, but maybe with an even more bizarre outfit. I seriously don't know who this is, but the outfit is insane. The metal jewel thingy on his arm marks him so clearly as a Square-Enix RPG kid that it is bizarre. If you have some gold embroidery floss, though, it would be great for this pattern. It's super-detailed for a sprite pattern, but not so intense that it'll be impossible to swap out some colors.
Okay, I am done for tonight, and ready for a slight break for my brain! I'll be back tomorrow with all sorts of shiny fighting game rubbish. Until then, have a nice day!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 15: Almost Done With Finals

Hello! I am almost done with finals, and just finished my second of three papers for the week! I feel kind of relieved, but still have one paper left to go. Tomorrow night at this time, I will hopefully be finished with the paper and preparing to go have my educators serve me slightly below mediocre French toast. For tonight, however, I offer this pattern of Umi from the very perky anime Love Live! School Idol Project to you in my good cheer. I posted Honaka last year, so in seven more years, I should have this pattern set finished.

I am done for tonight, but within the next few days should be doing more normal posts again. I'll have something for you guys tomorrow, probably more Kingdom Hearts stuff, so until then, have a lovely day!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 14: Still Posting

Hello! I was going to post here sooner, but instead, I sat for 20 minutes playing games on my phone and eating cranberry sauce. My brain is not functioning. Here is a pattern of Riku from Kingdom Hearts. I feel that his pants are really stupid- fighting game character design stupid, even.

I have no idea what I will post tomorrow, but I will post something. Once finals are over, I am going to make a terrifying amount of King of Fighters patterns. I am leaving for today.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 13: Finals Only Have a Few Days Left!!!!

Hello! I've been doing homework since I got up this morning, because citations are magical, so I'm blowing that extra Vocaloid pattern I had stashed away tonight. It's of Miku Hatsune, but more pink. It takes a lot of shades of pink to stitch so, when finished, it will inevitably be beautiful. Enjoy the pattern!

Now that I have technically posted this, I am going to start putting away from the books that I needed for the paper I finished, and then maybe I will do some boring crafts while I watch the episodes of Bob's Burgers on Hulu that I have not seen yet. Have a good evening! I will have another half-hearted post for you guys tomorrow!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 12: A New Pattern Tangentially Related to Homework

Hello! I still want to write another page or two of papers today, but needed a brief break from finals writing and decided to get this blog post done for the day. Because I worked a lot today on my paper for Game of Thrones class, I'm posting the pattern of Daenerys I did for the sprite preview of on Facebook. She wasn't in my paper at all today, since it's about needlework and clothes and stuff, but if I get things done like I want to, she will be in the paper tomorrow as part of a section on how textiles worn differ by class, so I can go into my meeting with the professor with 12 or 13 pages written. It'll be super-exciting.

Anyway, there were a lot of dresses to pick from when making a pattern of Daenerys, but I picked the one I did because it was bright blue and I like that color. If I ever cross stitch this, it will be covered in textually inaccurate sparkles. I hope you guys like this pattern!
I want to go see if I can get the last bit of paper writing I want done for today done, switching over to my other classes, so that I can stop typing for today. I will return tomorrow. Until then, have a good rest of your weekend!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 11: Another Kingdom Hearts Thing, of the Sometimes Main Guy

Hello! Today has been a really weird day. I got a lot of homework and research done, so I only have a minimum of 17 pages left to write by next Wednesday, which feels good. Towards the end of my second job today, though, there was some cheerful apocalyptic (very literally) chatter that left me feeling a little wonky. Everything else was pretty good, though, so it's been a good day today!

I wanted to thank you guys for all the kind comments you've been leaving the past couple of days! I've been hearing from old blog friends (Dawn and RebelAngelRin were both so cool to see on the comments list!) and it's fantastic to see comments from new people, too! Checking my e-mail has been a very cheerful task lately.

After looking at the Kingdom Hearts patterns I made a while ago, I decided that I am proud of how detailed and ridiculous they are, so tonight I am posting another one. Tonight's pattern is of Sora. I had no clue who Aqua was, but I do not that Sora is the main guy sometimes, and that he has insane clown shoes and sometimes turns into a mermaid and sings. This pattern has an insane amount of colors, so it should be really fun to stitch. Here it is!

I don't know what I'm going to post tomorrow, but I'll post something! Until then, have a lovely evening!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 10: Running Late

Hello! I am late posting tonight, so I will not say much, but I have a bunch of Kingdom Hearts sprite patterns from previous requests that I'm finally putting onto charts. Tonight's character is someone named Aqua. I don't really play Kingdom Hearts, so I have no clue who this really is. Her outfit was fun to sprite, though, and it has a lot of detail, so I think she would be fun to stitch. Enjoy the pattern!

I am really sleepy, so I am going to bed now! I'll have another pattern and more text tomorrow! Bye!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 9: Starting the Walking Dead Pattern Set

Hello! I may have three 15-20 pages due next week, but tonight, I had my last presentation of the semester! I am very happy about this, but my brain is a little fried. Because of that, I'm not at my chattiest tonight. I do, however, have the first sprite pattern in my Walking Dead set, featuring Carol!

For the Walking Dead pattern set, I'm considering starting at season 1 and running through the cast season by season, because I like the show and want to make a really ridiculous pattern set for it. I made Carol first, though, because she is cool. This pattern is unusual in that it uses a pastel color scheme that's pretty rare for sprite patterns, outside of magical girl stuff, so she should come out to look very nice! I am going to make this someday, but kind of want to wait until I have enough of the cast done to do a sampler.

I'm done for tonight, but I'll be back with something or other tomorrow! Until then, have a good night and good luck with all your crafts and stuff!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 8: King of Fighters, Yay!

Hello! Because I am a hard worker who is totally focused on my finals, I have spent a lot of time playing a Chinese mobile game based on King of Fighters, called King of Fighters '97 OL. It's from Ledo Interactive, the company that now owns SNK Playmore, and as odd and not a fighting game and not in English as it is, I don't think this as much of an end-of-days thing for the franchise as some of the nasty reviews I've seen are. It's not excellent, or even a 2D fighting game, but it is a decent beat-em-up RPG that's at least as close to King of Fighters as the Sonic the Hedgehog running and jumping themed mobile games are to that franchise. It is also not homework, which is currently a fantastic point in its favor.

One of the things that bothers me about the game, though, is that they changed Chizuru's outfit. To be fair, she has a really bad outfit, with insane shoulder pads and really big sleeve openings, paired with leggings and heels. The thing is, when they changed it for the new game, they took the time to give her a miniskirt and did nothing about her bizarre top. It's great to give King of Fighters characters new outfits, especially since some of them have been wearing the same impractical clothes since 1994. If you're going to do something with Chizuru, though, at least draw the girl a new shirt.

Anyway, since I have been spending too much of my time on this game, I decided to do a tiny cross stitch pattern of Chizuru, which I was actually surprised I hadn't done sooner. I know there are gaps in my sprite patterns of the cast, but Chizuru is one of the characters I play as, so I thought I would have made her before today. Her character design isn't very fancy, so this is a pretty simple pattern, though the hair and sleeves were a bit difficult to design.
Now that I have made Chizuru, I am thinking too hard about what other King of Fighters characters I have made yet, so I might spend too much time on those in coming days. I will post a not-fighting game pattern tomorrow, though, because I can see where this would got annoying for you guys.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 7: Someone Requested These Vocaloids Two Years Ago and I Forgot to Post Them

Hello! I really did not want to post here today, because I'm lazy. However, when looking at my patterns to see what I had that I could post, I found a folder labeled "december 2013 requests" that still had a couple of Vocaloid patterns in it. They are lovely, detailed patterns, and I am not sure who originally requested them or why I did not post them. It's nothing that I have any particular attachment to, but there are so many frills and details that even now, two years later, I'm looking at them and thinking, "yeah, nice job!" The patterns of Rin and Len are super-yellow, and working with different shades of yellow floss drives me nuts, so I am also sure I did not make them for myself.

(Outside of the folder, there was also a pattern of Miku, the main Vocaloid, in several shades of bubblegum pink with strawberry hair bows. I sort of remember that there were requests for the other two, but to be totally fair, this looks like something I would have done for myself. I will save her for another "oh god, I don't wanna blog" day.)

So, anyway, to the person who two years ago wanted these fancy-fancy and very specific patterns of singing computer programs, here are Rin and Len. I have been known to ignore requests, but usually I actually post them when they are finished. Anyway, enjoy these fancy patterns!

So, there are some patterns for today! I technically posted here. Tomorrow, I have some pattern making and extensive yapping to do regarding King of Fighters, so stay tuned for those thrills.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 6: Another Pattern

Hello! After another homework day, with some more writing and some presentation assembling, I feel wobbly brained. Because of that, I only have one pattern today, and it's another Rival Schools/Project Justice one. I might keep on this for a few days, since I am getting close to the no-stress zone in terms of paper writing and feel that I have to keep typing out nonsense and adding footnotes to it until it looks somewhat academic. I'm almost out of Rival Schools patterns that I've already done, though, so you probably don't have to put up for that much longer.

So, for today, I'm continuing my cross stitch patterns of the Taiyo High School characters with Ran Hibiki, the school photographer who can defeat people with an overzealous camera flash. She's one of my favorite characters from the game, so I actually made a pattern of her when I first started making sprite patterns. I wasn't very good at it at that point, though, so this pattern is more accurate, more detailed, and cuter, all of which matter. Anyway, here's the pattern!
I am done for tonight and will be back for more posting tomorrow! Until then, have a nice night and a good tomorrow!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 5: The Start of the Too-Extensive Rival Schools Set

Hello! Today, I'm trying to have a kick-butt-at-homework-day, and I already hit and passed my "write five pages of one paper" goal, which is pretty good. I want to see if I can get another research book read for another class, though, so for today, I'm kind of lazy about blogging. Luckily, though, I did have some stuff close to ready to go on my desktop, so today, I'm starting to post some of my unnecessarily detailed patterns of the cast of one of my favorite fighting game series, Rival Schools, and its sequel, Project Justice.

The real first pattern in this set, Kyosuke, is one that I did years ago when I was working on a still-unfinished set of patterns for all of the characters of Capcom vs. SNK 2. That pattern can be found by clicking on the Rival Schools tag at the bottom of this post. Because I already have Kyosuke posted, though, today I'm posting his first game teammates from Taiyo High School, Batsu and Hinata. They're both fairly typical sprite patterns, albeit ones that use a few too many colors, so I don't have too much to say about them. If you also have any interest in cross stitching the cast of Rival Schools, though, I hope that these patterns are to your liking.

Now that I have done a post for today, I am going back to homework. I might be posting more in this set tomorrow, but am not sure. Anyway, have a good evening, and good luck with your craft projects!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 4: Astro Boy!!!!!

Hello! Today, I am posting to fix the fact that I have not yet done and posted a sprite pattern of Astro Boy. I realized this when I was looking through my blog history in order to see if I had made a pattern of Uran, the girl version of Astro Boy (I know that is a reductive way to put it, but seriously) to go with my Astro Boy pattern. Since the first pattern in the set didn't exist, let alone the superficial second pattern, I got to make both of them.

As you may have guessed, today I have patterns of Astro Boy, who you can cross stitch and pretend to kill over and over again while some horrible Nicholas Cage movie is on in the background to re-enact the American CG movie, and Uran the Astro Girl, who I unlocked in Astro Boy Dash on my Kindle just before never playing the game again. Both of these patterns are really simple, but I am pleased with them and intend to stitch them soon. I hope you guys like them, too!

Now that I have today's patterns posted, I feel like I want to make some more Tezuka patterns, so you guys might be putting up with that for a few days of the month. I really don't know what's coming up on here tomorrow, though, but will have something! Until then, have a good start to your weekends!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 3: An Excuse to Make Sprites of Fancy Dresses

Hello! Tonight I am having trouble focusing and paying attention to stuff, so it took me a really long time to get this post ready. I'm very happy with the pattern for tonight, though! I'm taking an independent study class this semester on Game of Thrones and how it relates to European history and pop culture perceptions of it, and my final paper is on embroidery and textiles in medieval Europe and the novels, which has been interesting to research and write so far. Today, though, when I was working on it, I got stuck on trying to figure out what to say about a passage that means either that George R.R. Martin didn't know about what sorts of embroidered dresses serving girls could actually afford to wear or that Sansa Stark is a dingbat character who has the same information gap. While thinking about this, I realized, "oh, crap, I have to do my blog for today," and then made a pattern of Sansa under the pretense that it was connected to my homework.

Aside from being related to a paper I'm writing, I also really like making patterns of characters in needlessly complicated outfits, so when making this, I decided to put Sansa in a TV show outfit where she had a floral dress with a layered skirt and a giant cloak over the whole thing. I was also chilly, so I wanted to make sure she looked warm. As such, this is a possibly too-detailed pattern that will take longer than necessary to stitch, but I think it looks fun to make and will probably do so. Anyway, here's the pattern!

With that done, I am going to go sit around and do a bad job of focusing on something else! I am really behind on patterns this month, so I have no idea whatsoever what I will be posting tomorrow. I'll have something, though, so until then, have a decent day!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 2: Tiki's Request

Hello! I've still kind of got a cold today, so I feel a little incoherent, but have been preparing for this post and reading 19th century puff piece biographies this afternoon, so my activities are likely not helping matters. Today, however, I decided that I was going to do a request I got in an e-mail last month from longtime friend of the blog Tiki, who runs the aptly titled blog Tiki Stitches.

The request was for sprite patterns the TV versions of Green Hornet and Kato, and since I got out all of my, "haven't really seen the show, but boy, did the movie a few years ago suck or what?" vitriol in the e-mail, which was kindly received, I won't do too much of that here. It was a bad movie, though.

Since I haven't really seen the TV version of The Green Hornet, though, I do not know if these patterns are good representations. I think they came out looking pretty close to the pictures I was getting on Google image search, but also realize that there may be some essential part of the costumes, or maybe something that is integral to tiny cross stitch patterns of Bruce Lee that I totally skipped over because I am not very familiar with the source material.

Before posting these, I also want to say a couple things about the floss colors. Usually, when I'm using dark grays, I don't use 934 because it's green-gray and weird and I don't like it. In this case, however, it's patterns of characters from The Green Hornet, so I stuck with the greenish tint because it fit the theme. With the Green Hornet himself, I also wanted the grays on his coat to have the sort of color look that watching a 60s TV show has, so I used more blueish grays than usual to try and make the pattern look like the character would on the screen. If you want to stitch these and think that is a weird color choice, the patterns are simple enough that you can trade it for a more normal gray pretty easily.

With all of that said, here are today's patterns!

Now that I have these patterns posted, I am going to go read more stuff for my final papers and eat either eggs or soup. My life is crazy. I'll be back tomorrow with something else, though I am not sure what yet!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 1: Cleaning Off the Poor Sprites Stuck On My Desktop For Months

Hello! I haven't posted here for a long time, and actually haven't prepped very well for this month, but I still want to do Sprite Patterns December! I am not sure how much I'll post per day, but it will probably just be one or two patterns. I don't have a very good backlog of charts right now, so unless I have a super-productive day soon, it would be dumb to go nuts and post three or four in a day. In getting my Windows computer all fixed up for pattern making, though, there are a couple of new features in Windows 10 that make pattern making go a little faster, so it won't be so bad to keep up with daily patterns.

For this month, I have a few sets that I'm probably going to be working on the most, at least to start. If you follow the Dork Stitch Facebook page, you probably saw me showing up the upcoming Walking Dead and Game of Thrones sets with Carol and Daenerys. The Walking Dead set is probably going to get more attention, because I like that better, but Game of Thrones has some impressively detailed dresses, so for that, expect to see the frilly characters before the important ones. I'm also working on patterns for the cast of Dreamcast fighting game Project Justice, because that's one of my favorite fighting games, and this is Dork Stitch so really, what did you expect? There's one anime set that I really want to do, too, but I haven't started and am concerned about making it work, since the show had a fairly distinctive giant-headed-children art style, so I'm not making any promises yet.

There are some smaller sets I'm hoping to get done, too, with a couple of patterns that I want to add to an ongoing set, most likely some additional anime and video game nonsense, and at least one request.

For today, however, I have taken a lot of cold medicine and am getting used to my new operating system, so I am cleaning off my desktop! Back in May, I did a set of Avengers: Age of Ultron sprites more out of a sense of duty than any real love for the movie, and my general lack of enthusiasm has kept the majority of the set off of this blog so far. Despite my ambivalence towards the movie itself, though, I still have dreams of making a really impressive Marvel sampler, so I figured that I might as well start throwing these characters on charts.

I had four Avengers patterns left, and the other two will likely pop up later in the week. For today, I have patterns of Scarlet Witch and (the much less cool version of) Quicksilver. I actually think these patterns came out decently, so I hope that those of you who are reading this and thinking, "Wow, she's being really rude to my favorite characters!" like these charts, too!

After I added these images to the post, the font in my preview window changed, so I am confused. Regardless of any of that, however, I am done for today and will be back with more patterns tomorrow! Thanks for reading, and have a nice evening!