Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 1: Cleaning Off the Poor Sprites Stuck On My Desktop For Months

Hello! I haven't posted here for a long time, and actually haven't prepped very well for this month, but I still want to do Sprite Patterns December! I am not sure how much I'll post per day, but it will probably just be one or two patterns. I don't have a very good backlog of charts right now, so unless I have a super-productive day soon, it would be dumb to go nuts and post three or four in a day. In getting my Windows computer all fixed up for pattern making, though, there are a couple of new features in Windows 10 that make pattern making go a little faster, so it won't be so bad to keep up with daily patterns.

For this month, I have a few sets that I'm probably going to be working on the most, at least to start. If you follow the Dork Stitch Facebook page, you probably saw me showing up the upcoming Walking Dead and Game of Thrones sets with Carol and Daenerys. The Walking Dead set is probably going to get more attention, because I like that better, but Game of Thrones has some impressively detailed dresses, so for that, expect to see the frilly characters before the important ones. I'm also working on patterns for the cast of Dreamcast fighting game Project Justice, because that's one of my favorite fighting games, and this is Dork Stitch so really, what did you expect? There's one anime set that I really want to do, too, but I haven't started and am concerned about making it work, since the show had a fairly distinctive giant-headed-children art style, so I'm not making any promises yet.

There are some smaller sets I'm hoping to get done, too, with a couple of patterns that I want to add to an ongoing set, most likely some additional anime and video game nonsense, and at least one request.

For today, however, I have taken a lot of cold medicine and am getting used to my new operating system, so I am cleaning off my desktop! Back in May, I did a set of Avengers: Age of Ultron sprites more out of a sense of duty than any real love for the movie, and my general lack of enthusiasm has kept the majority of the set off of this blog so far. Despite my ambivalence towards the movie itself, though, I still have dreams of making a really impressive Marvel sampler, so I figured that I might as well start throwing these characters on charts.

I had four Avengers patterns left, and the other two will likely pop up later in the week. For today, I have patterns of Scarlet Witch and (the much less cool version of) Quicksilver. I actually think these patterns came out decently, so I hope that those of you who are reading this and thinking, "Wow, she's being really rude to my favorite characters!" like these charts, too!

After I added these images to the post, the font in my preview window changed, so I am confused. Regardless of any of that, however, I am done for today and will be back with more patterns tomorrow! Thanks for reading, and have a nice evening!


  1. Sprite Patterns December returns! All is right with the world.

  2. Welcome back! I miss your patterns XD